One NBA observer said the Jazz had the best season of any team in the West.

One NBA observer said the Jazz had the best season of any team in the West.


Also, Richard Jefferson says the Knicks would be crazy not to trade whatever the Jazz want for Donovan Michels, former Jazz forward Royce O’Neal and his mother go viral.

(Trent Nelson | Salt Lake Tribune) Utah Jazz forward Royce O’Neal (23) in action as the Utah Jazz host the Memphis Grizzlies, NBA basketball game Tuesday, April 5, 2022, in Salt Lake City.

To say the Utah Jazz’s season so far has been polarizing would be an understatement.

Some fans, while disappointed to see the team fall apart, understand the approach of tearing it down and finding the pieces and eventually building more. Others can’t handle it easily The reality of trading Rudy Gobert And for now the theory The idea of ​​trading Donovan Mitchell – Two perennial stars under team control for several more seasons.

It’s not just the proximity to the group that makes this plan so divisive. Even various ESPN analysts disagree on the merits.

in The latest piece for ESPN+Kevin Pelton ranked the season score for a Western Conference team, and gave the Jazz the highest ranking in the West. “NBA Today” analysts Dave McMenamin and Kendrick Perkins are concerned.

Pelton appeared on the show to defend the argument:

“This is just a long-term view. If you look at the place where the Jazz won in Dallas in the first round – no [2022] Draft picks, a lot of future draft picks, to the luxury tax in terms of their salary — it was very difficult for them to improve,” he said. “So I think it was the right time for them to rebuild. And when you look at what they got — not just for Gobert, but for Royce O’Neal trading him to the Brooklyn Nets. – Before the season, if you say, ‘OK, trade these guys and rebuild,’ you’ll probably get two first-round picks, maybe even three. In exchange for five — three of them unexpected — plus swaps, and the rights to Walker Kesler, who was drafted in the first round, It’s a historic, incredible journey..

“Of course, in the short term, yes, they’re driving a tank,” he concluded. “But in the long run, I think they’re much better off for future success than if they tried to ride this out for a few more years.”

It’s obviously debatable if that means they had a better season than any other team in the West, but it’s hard to argue with the logic of why they did what they did.

Richard Jefferson asked the Knicks to trade for Donovan

There was a lot of panic in both SLC and NYC. Donovan’s business talks that stood between jazz and kinkBoth sides seem to be settling on price for now. Utah remains in a holding pattern.

Former player and current ESPN analyst Richard Jefferson just showed up. The New York-based “Bad Weather Fans” podcast And Pretty vociferously argued that the Knicks should do whatever it takes To find Danny Ainge’s value and find him.

“No one comes to New York to play – these days currentlyNow – with RJ Barrett. currently. I’m not saying this can’t be improved. People play with Donovan Mitchell. If people say ‘Oh he is. There, OK, listen, I’m going to partner with that guy,” Jefferson said.

When asked about Knicks fans worried about giving up the likes of Quentin Grimes or Obi Topin or Emmanuelle Chailly, R-Jeff dismissed it: “Knicks fans are like, ‘We can’t give up everything!’ you don’t have Anything.”

“If the Knicks have a chance to get Donovan Mitchell, they get Donovan Mitchell.”

Royce and Miss Deb went viral

Royce O’Neill’s mother, Deborah Kingwood, was a well-known figure in Jazz Nation, maintaining an active social media presence. Affectionately known as “Miss Deb”.

Our first Twitter interaction came when I asked him if Royce could be judged wrong, and Miss Deb, who felt that Royce was the victim of some serious wrongdoing without me advocating for him, was candid in her assessment of my analysis: “You can miss me with this.”

Six months later we were in much better shape. I got a tweet from Miss Deb when she was playing the Jazz Rockets in Royce’s home state of Texas, asking if I could. “Shaking the pink [dress] shirt” I was. She was sitting a room in the family area, but she came up to me and gave me a big hug.

The point is, everyone associated with jazz, everyone who came into contact with Miss Deb, had some affection for her.

Which is made. The latest viral video of her waiting for Royce (and after) simultaneously funny and terrifying at a summer camp in Harker Heights, Texas.

I can’t stop watching. And I can’t stop laughing. And I’m glad she’s okay. And I’m glad she promised to follow me on Twitter.



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