One Up XP Show Podcast: Valparaiso Esports

One Up XP Show Podcast: Valparaiso Esports


This week we sat down with Valparaiso University in Northern Indiana. A great university with many different opportunities for students. We had the opportunity to sit down with Tristan Leonard, Director of Campus Recreation and Safety. He oversees the Esports program at Valparaiso and is also a former athlete for the university.

We discuss how Valpo got into the esports game, why they did it, and how they manage it. We also talk about how the kids take in the day-to-day of Esports and how Valpo gets the kids to take time, step back and see what’s around them so they don’t burn out. Great talk with a great director! If you are interested in Valparaiso’s Esports, visit over here.



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