Optic Gaming may soon lose two of its best players.

Optic Gaming may soon lose two of its best players.


Optic Gaming will need to re-sign two of their players if they want to keep their record together after the Valorant Championship. According to dot eSports George Geddes.

Victor “Victor” Wong and Austin “Crash” Roberts’ contracts expire in September during the Champions League, so they will be looking for new contracts to stay on the roster. The duo joined Optik (then Envy) at T1 in September 2020, and have since been instrumental in Optik’s expansion into North America and Global Valorant.

Optik have confirmed their place in the Istanbul Championship and remain in the running to partner in the American League next year.

Victor and Crash’s contracts with Optic Gaming expire in September

Optic Game has crashed at Victor and Masters Copenhagen.
Credit: Riot Games

The good news is that OPTIC intends to continue with the same players, so the new contracts can be formalized. The other three optician players have contracts that only expire in the next year or so.

OPTIC has made a name for itself as one of the most consistent teams in Pro Valorant. After winning the championship at Masters Reykjavík, the team finished a respectable third in Copenhagen and is still the favorite to enter the Valorant Championship.

Victor proved crucial in the win at Optic Reykjavik, taking the tournament out of the meta and taking Neon on maps like Fracture. Likewise, Crashes is considered one of the top startups in the world on agents like Skye and KAY/O.

That said, the organization’s chances of joining the American League in the VCT 2023 season are not yet confirmed. Riot Games is still selecting teams for its new partner program, and the uncertainty of how it will support the Phase 2 scene has caused many organizations to drop their Valorant rosters.

In the unlikely event that Optik is not selected to join the new International League, Victor and Crash’s future may remain up in the air.

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