Pokémon V ‘intro decks’ are being distributed at TCG events.

Pokémon V ‘intro decks’ are being distributed at TCG events.


The Pokemon Company International has begun distributing special 30-card cards at certain events featuring Greninja, Lucario, or Umbreon.

As reported by PokeBeach, in some events new players are gifted to one of these three entrances. The cards featured in each are the exclusive non-Holo V versions.

Alongside the featured V Pokemon, players will find a variety of Power and Normal Pokemon and Trainer cards in a 30-card deck. Of course, this is enough to start learning Pokemon TCG as the purpose of distribution.

In the report, PokeBeach stated that these decks are being rolled out to teach new players how to play at select events. Pokemon TCG’s current distribution appears to be small, with the report citing GoFest Seattle, GenCon and some local stores as the only places to show up so far.

Although this hasn’t been confirmed, we could see these tutorial decks pop up more often, as PokeBeach suggests that The Pokemon Company International will try to see if they can roll out these decks to retailers in the future.

In another Pokemon TCG news, as we prepare for release Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Later this year, the first cards for these games will be revealed at the 2022 Pokemon World Championship later this month.

Of course, we don’t have any information about these new things yet. Pokemon Cards will be, but the wait won’t be long as Worlds starts next week on Thursday, August 18th.



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