Polaris Esports makes clean sweep to win Predator League 2022 Philippines Dota 2 Grand Finals championship – Manila Bulletin

Polaris Esports makes clean sweep to win Predator League 2022 Philippines Dota 2 Grand Finals championship – Manila Bulletin


The beloved Dota 2 esports has finally returned to LAN action. GrindSky Esports, Execration, Polaris Esports and Atomic Esports finally got to show off their skills in front of a highly charged audience on September 18, 2022 at the SM Mall of Asia Central Atrium.

Returning for a second day to host this prestigious event, Justin “Will” Villarason and Aliza “Tyraur” Taylor are joined by talented players and panelists: Erika May “Aki” Ilar, John “Jonxfire” Nathan Fernandez, Aris “Calbz” Alejandro, Nathaniel “Nathan” Weeks and Rain “Rain” Zerlin Manning.

With four of the most talented teams in the Philippines, the tournament is set to pay off from the get-go. GrindSky Esports, a relatively new organization in the Philippine scene, slightly edged out the Execration veterans, with 2-1 guaranteed a slot in the Grand Finals. Flying directly from their bootcamp in Cebu, Polaris Esports matched up with the hard-hitting Atomic Esports. But Polaris eSports proved their seeding was well-earned as the Cebuanos swept the series 2-0, their second game ending in a lightning-quick 20-minute victory.

The Grand Finals was more than a test of whether Polaris Esports were the new kings of Philippine Dota or whether the upstarts of GrindSky Esports were a force to be reckoned with. But at the end of the day, Polaris Esports proved their latest performance was no fluke. They demolished GrindSky Esports in convincing fashion, winning 2 straight games to take home the Predator League Shield.

In addition to the heavy action that Dota 2 brought to the Asia Central Atrium of SM Mall, fans were once again treated to the presence of some of their favorite Dota personalities. Kuyanik, Kang Duppet, Ashley Gosiengfiao, and even the entire TNC Predator team were on hand to show their support and sign autographs for their fans. Mayonnaise also lined the stage and showcased some of their fan favorite matches.

Polaris Esports

Polaris Esports will walk away with PHP 200,000, while GrindSky Esports will be rewarded with PHP 100,000 for their heroic efforts. As the curtain closes on this Predator League, a new one begins: Both Polaris Esports and Grindsky Esports will travel to Japan for the Asia Pacific Predator League 2022 Grand Finals, where they will represent the Philippines. There, they will face off against the other Predator League champions in the APAC region. All eyes will be on Japan from November 11th to 13th, as the world knows who the Dota 2 team from the region is.

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