Preseason Coaches Poll Top 25 Predictions, Rankings Prediction 2022

Preseason Coaches Poll Top 25 Predictions, Rankings Prediction 2022


What will the 2022 preseason USA Today coaches look like? Here’s our best guess at the early stages of college football.

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What will the preseason USA Today coaches look like when it comes out in August?

Along with the AP Poll, the coaches poll is always a good snapshot of how the world views the best teams, and helps set expectations for the season.

Last year, Alabama was No. 1 in the first poll, and eventual national champion Georgia was No. 5. It was Clemson 2, Oklahoma 3, Ohio State 4.

And Cincinnati? It started on the 10th, and on Huge whiff – and we said so at the time – Michigan didn’t even make the top 25, technically 33rd in the other receiving category.

So how does the preseason coaches poll usually differ from the AP version? The two are often very similar, but tend to give a little more credit to the big name coaches. They also want to go a little further with brand names.

For example, last year the coaches had Texas at 19, the APA at 21. The AP had Utah and Arizona State ranked No. 25, and the two Pac-12 teams the coaches went to were not at all. USC ranked one spot higher, 14 to 15.

to remember, This is not the actual 2022 Preseason USA TODAY Coaches Poll. – It is our forecast and prediction of what will happen. Once the real version is released, we’ll break it all down and do an in-depth analysis.

Our call is based on historical precedent, returning talent and anticipating how coaches perceive teams and big brands,…

2022 Preseason USA TODAY Coaches Poll Top 25 Predictions

Click on each team for a CFN 2022 preview or schedule analysis. The number in parentheses is where each team finished in the final 2021 rankings.

Yes, we throw potential groups into the mix that should get at least a few votes. The teams on the coaches’ top 25 list, however, are likely to be in the top picks.

A preseason coaches poll is also taking votes: Wisconsin, Wake forest, Pit, Cincinnati, UCLA, North Carolina, Purdue, LSU, Miami, Boise State, Minnesota, San Diego State, Army, UCF

25 Florida Gators (NR)

24 Penn State Nittany Lions (NR)

23 Kentucky Wildcats (18)

22 Texas Longhorns (NR)

21 BYU Cougars (22)

2022 CFN College Football Preview of each team

20 Tennessee Volunteers (NR)

19 Bayer Bears (5)

18 Iowa Hawkeyes (23)

17 Arkansas Razorbacks (20)

16 Houston Cougars (17)

AP poll preliminary forecast

15 Oregon Duck (21)

14 Ole Miss Rebels (11)

13 NC State Wolfpack (19)

12 Oklahoma Sooners (7)

Bowl Predictions: Post-Spring Football

11 Oklahoma State Cowboys (7)

10 Utah Utes (12)

9 USC Trojans (NR)

8 Michigan State Spartans (8)

7 Texas A&M Aggies (25)

6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (9)

5 Michigan Wolverines (3)

4 Clemson Tigers (16)

3 Georgia Bulldogs (1)

2 Ohio State Buckeyes (5)

1 Alabama Crimson Tide (2)

All-time coaches poll rankings
AP All Time Rankings



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