‘Rafael Nadal had to continue,’ Toni Nadal remembers

‘Rafael Nadal had to continue,’ Toni Nadal remembers


Tony Nadal introduced his nephew Rafa to tennis when he was three or four. With Tony by his side, Rafa always learned to give his best in the given circumstances and play his best tennis. After each achievement or notable result, Tony displays a list of past champions from that event.

He explains to Rafa that many are no longer in the game because they didn’t work hard enough or had the opportunity to train without thinking about money. Giving 120% every time he stepped on the court, Rafa received a promotion at the age of 15 and moved into the top-200 by the end of 2003.

In the year In 2004, the young Spaniard was world no. 1 Roger Federer won his first ATP title in straight sets in Miami and in Sopot in August. As Nadal prepares his assault on the ATP throne, He won his first major title in 2005 and four Masters 1000 crowns.

2 and Federer’s closest rival. After adding 22 Majors and 36 Masters 1000 titles to his collection, Rafa ranks among the greatest players of all time, so the rest is pretty much history. Over the years, the clay fighter has experienced amazing battles with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and many other rivals.

Never forgetting his uncle’s early lessons, he suffered heavy losses and achieved remarkable victories. Despite more than three decades on the tennis court, Nadal has learned to turn his frustrations into strengths, but he has never thrown a racket.

Tony Nadal He stayed with his niece until the end of 2017, winning his last major in Paris in June. Tony became one of the most successful coaches of all time and returned home to Mallorca to work with children and future tennis stars.

Tony Nadal has been with his nephew Rafa until 2017.

In the year Carlos Moya joined Nadal’s coaching staff in early 2017, replacing Toni and guiding Rafa to greater success over the past six years. Speaking of his nephew, Tony decided to quit after realizing he couldn’t do anything to improve Rafa’s game and make him more dangerous on the court.

“I believed that my contribution was no longer important. I have been a very demanding coach all my life; it was always my goal to teach Rafa to demand everything from himself. The job of a coach is to destroy yourself; I think I did it.

I was lucky enough to coach a great player who was my nephew. I enjoyed that, and I’m grateful for it. “But I like teaching kids like now in Manacor because I feel I can give them more than my nephew,” said Toni Nadal.



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