“Rafael Nadal one of the best returns of the tour”.

“Rafael Nadal one of the best returns of the tour”.


In a video posted on Instagram, Patrick Mouratoglou Comparing response skills Rafael Nadal And Carlos Alcaraz. Mouratogliu explained: “If you look at the numbers, Rafael Nadal is one of the best players on the ATP Tour.

He’s had a lot of shutouts this year and has a 33.5% win percentage. A player featuring him in this one. Statistics Carlos Alcaraz Did you know that in 2022 Murciano won 51.8% of the games in return when he won the first point? The visit average is around 38%, just to give you an idea.

As if that wasn’t enough, Carlos took the first two points and took 77.8 percent of the return game, slightly better than Nadal. The visit average is 59.4%. “Patrick continued to praise Rafa: “Nadal was able to adapt his game to very fast positions.

How did this happen? First, he became more powerful as the years went by. Secondly, he has improved a lot. The service and backhand in parts. ”

Rafa’s season and the hope of the American swing

Rafael Nadal He won two majors in 2022, pushing him to retire for the fourteenth time.

In the year Fresh from an injury-ravaged 2021, the Spanish phenom surprised everyone by winning the Australian Open and Roland Garros. Thanks to Dr. Kotoro’s help, the former World No. 1 managed to lift his 22nd Grand Slam in Paris and proved himself a living legend of the sport.

The 36-year-old from Manacor also tried to win Wimbledon but had to withdraw from his semi-final against Nick Kyrgios due to an abdominal tear. Rafa is back in training and will be back in Montreal in over a week.

His goal is to reach 100% at the US Open, a tournament he has not played since 2019. Iberian Novak Djokovic will have a good chance of setting the all-time Grand Slam mark, as he will not qualify for the tournament. In the USA, the vaccination is not done. Prevention of corona virus.



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