Recently, the Chicago Bears have another rookie buzzer.

Recently, the Chicago Bears have another rookie buzzer.


of Chicago Bears The draft class has been the talk of the first training camp so far. All three of their best players made flash plays. Kyler Gordon and Jaquan Brisker They ruined Justin Fields’ interceptions and Velas Jones made big plays on offense. Those three remain the focus of fans, but they aren’t the only rookies who are starting to make some noise. Defensive back Dominique Robinson continues to show his pass rush potential.

However, one name that caught the attention of the head coach Matt Eberflus It’s Elijah Hicks. The 7th round safety was projected in the Bears’ 11-man unit. He was not in the area during spring practices due to a health issue that interfered with the spring draft. However, he was healthy at the start of camp, and it didn’t take long for him to show the team the skills that first impressed him.

The Chicago Bears know how to develop players like Hicks.

Eberflus already did. He confirmed in Indianapolis. Starting safety Cary Willis was a 4th round pick, and tight end George Odum was an undrafted free agent. If the player has the necessary skills, they have the kind of instructors that this employee needs to develop into a quality professional. Hicks is the type of project to watch. If he develops fast enough, there’s a good chance the Bears could see him as Eddie Jackson’s heir apparent.

Hicks has all the features of a classic free security. Jackson is 29 years old this year and is the sixth highest paid player in the league. Two years passed without an interruption. One more difficult season will encourage that. Chicago Bears Brass to drop it. Having Hicks waiting in the wings makes the decision easier.

It’s a simple story to base. The novice had to fight many hardships to reach this stage. His natural instincts and high energy make him the type of player you want. The preseason comes down to making enough plays in practice and forcing their hand.

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