Report: Golden Seals Inspire Sharks’ New Reverse Retro

Report: Golden Seals Inspire Sharks’ New Reverse Retro


Is it true this time?

Two seasons ago, San Jose Sharks fans were misled by Howard Berger’s claim that the Sharks were renewing their look at the California Golden Seals for the 2020-21 season.

Sheng Daily: It’s a trap!

The San Jose Rivers Retro ended up taking cues from the Sharks’ Nike-designed 1998 kit that year:

Marketing Talks Vice Sharks Reversible Jersey Teases 30th Anniversary


At this point, it’s Iceberg to report that the Sharks are bringing back the look of the Seals for the 2022-23 Reverse Retros. icethetics has proven their jersey leaks to be accurate over the years.

hmmmm on things that make you go Snow Tech reveals “California Golden Seals”. It can narrow the possibilities.. The Seals were part of the NHL’s 1967-68 expansion, but only used the “California Golden Seals” moniker from 1970 to 1976. Before the franchise moved to Cleveland, it was also known as the California Seals and the Oakland Seals and Bay Seals. 1976. In 1991-92, the expansion San Jose Sharks began a new era of NHL hockey in the Bay area.

Aesthetics also revealed that the Sharks were founded in 1970 by Charles O. He suggested that they might wear the iconic white skates that Finley introduced. Here’s what it looks like, as filmed by Ivan Boldirev, Bobby Sheehan and Bob Stewart:

Now that would be something!

For what it’s worth, Liz Child suggested this Sels-inspired kit in March:

Sharks reverse retro jersey ideas

Interestingly, the San Jose Sharks announced their plans to embrace their Bay Area NHL heritage next season, scheduling an Oakland Seals scarf night for their Nov. 25 game against the Los Angeles Kings.

That could be a telltale sign of San Jose’s retro plans. Overall, the Sharks haven’t tightened up their relationship with the Seals over the years.

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