Roger Federer and Andy Murray build the perfect player.

Roger Federer and Andy Murray build the perfect player.

Roger Federer And Andy Murray Challenge yourself to create the best player of modern tennis, based on the individual skills of the best players on the ATP Tour. Profile is too complicated for Roger Federer and Andy Murray accepts the challenge presented by Hello magazine.

And his response is very funny and encouraging. Not even a separate skill area for it. A profile that is impossible to put together for Roger Federer, he chooses to highlight all the complexity of the game that he himself has helped to develop over the years: “It is extremely difficult to answer this question, there are many variables that need to be taken into account. The order to measure a skill.”

The Swiss champion goes into detail: “For example, there are different types of forehand or volleys.”

Roger Federer and Andy Murray build the perfect player.

And in a career covered in many victories, but only one on the red clay of Roland Garros, even the floor can weigh it down. decide.”

For Roger Federer, the great complexity of the great beauty “This, in my opinion, creates the beauty of tennis. Because there are many aspects to improve your game.” And he, in his endless and famous work, did not cease to improve day by day.

Andy Murray accepted the challenge and the answer is amazing: “Put Rafa Nadal’s forehand and Nole Djokovic’s backhand together and I’d say the combination is terrifying.”

For the Laver Cup in London, he looks at the tournament aspect of the British Championship: “John Isner has already played for Team World, I’d say he’s got a decent serve, so I’ll lend him that.”

But is there room for Murray’s talent in the perfect player? “I hope my lobe can be useful in some way.”


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