Roger Federer ends his career on Del Potro’s birthday.

Roger Federer ends his career on Del Potro’s birthday.

Roger Federer played his final match of his professional tennis career on the same day that tennis great Juan Martin del Potro celebrated his 34th birthday.

Del Potro in 2011 He retired in 2022 and lost to Federico Delbonis in the first round of the Argentina Open.

The Tower of Thandil was shed in tears in time. Like Federer, Del Potro was forced to retire due to knee problems. “It was an amazing and unforgettable day that I will always remember as one of the best days of my career,” Del Potro told

“I experienced one of the most beautiful feelings this sport has given me and I will always keep it in my heart,” del Potro recently said more about the Buenos Aires event. “Making the decision to play in Buenos Aires was very difficult for me, it was a big change in my life.

I thought about going back to the court for three years, my only desire was to return, then I realized that it was impossible. Now my job is to find suitable treatment to improve my quality of life, I don’t have to compete anymore.

I was wrong, my only thought was how to get back on the field but really I should have been worried about how I was doing. I had to stop thinking about tennis to regain my composure. My goal is to live well and without pain.

I want to find a solution.

Del Potro responds to Roger Federer’s retirement

Del Potro sent a message to Roger Federer in an Instagram post after the Swiss announced his retirement. “You made tennis a special sport.

Thank you for teaching us by example, on and off the court. Thanks for sharing your journey and being able to play so many matches together. thank you. Thank you for testing us all, raising our standards in every tournament we played, everything you gave to our sport, how warm you were to me and so much more.

I’m sorry, this is something I don’t want to hear. Juan Martin del Potro I wish you a happy life with Merca and your children.


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