Roger Federer makes the game easy

Roger Federer makes the game easy

Andy Roddick’s personality and strong runs at the US Open and Wimbledon certainly played a big role in helping him secure sponsorship and endorsement deals. In an interview with Boardroom, Roddick was asked to explain what helped create a marketable image.

Roddick admitted that maybe it’s not his game, as he’s “pretty average” compared to a player like Roger Federer, whose game looks easy. “I could serve really well, but other than that I was pretty average,” Roddick told the boardroom.

“Roger [Federer] It makes the game easier. I think people can relate to Rafa [Nadal] Because it looks like more effort was put into it. I think mixing with the New York crowd, I don’t think people should have guessed what my level of effort would be.

There was a chance I broke something. I was so wrong. Also, I think it was pretty honest. I think it probably resonated pretty well. If I have an opinion, I’m not afraid to say something or make something known. Perhaps it was important that I did well at Wimbledon and the US Open, the tournaments that corporations watch the most.

Roddick was wearing Lacoste, sponsored by American Express.

In the year In early 2005, Roddick split with Reebok and was in danger of competing in the tournament without an apparel deal. At the time, Roddick was a Grand Slam champion and the second-ranked player in the world.

Roddick was left without a clothing contract after failing to reach an agreement on a new deal with Reebok. Fortunately, his and Lacoste’s representatives were able to quickly reach an agreement and Roddick spent the rest of his career wearing Lacoste on the court.

Now, the United States has many talented players like Sebastian Korda, Francis Tiafoe and Jensen Brooksby. Roddick shared a piece of advice about potential sponsorship and endorsement deals. I think the power of No is low.

Sometimes I worry when someone has success and next week you know there are eight new deals. I think it’s about thinking, not rushing, letting the game come to you. Like 50% of the interaction, you’re allowed to ask questions,” Roddick said.


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