Roger Federer’s mother says ‘It wasn’t his right knee…’

Roger Federer’s mother says ‘It wasn’t his right knee…’


Roger Federer officially became a former player. The former world No. 1 played a salute to tennis at the Laver Cup from September 23 to 25 at London’s O2 Arena. On Friday night, the king played his final match against Rafael Nadal against Americans Francis Tiafoe and Jack Sock, winning the Super Playoff title after canceling a match point.

Beyond the result, fans were able to witness an emotional ceremony that was made even more memorable by Roger and Rafa’s tears. A strained right knee has forced the Swiss to hang up his racquet at the age of 41. The 20-time Grand Slam champion has struggled to get back into shape, but this time, father tempo got the better of him.

The maestro from Basel has promised to stay away from tennis, waiting to understand what his role will be in the coming years. In an interview with ‘Tages Anzeiger’, mother Lynette expressed her heartfelt opinion on her son’s release.

Lynette reflects on Federer

Robert and I have been talking for a long time about the idea of ​​Roger Federer retiring, which is almost the end of his career. Not only because of his age, but also because of the various injuries that he has been suffering from in recent years.

We always kept a little hope in this process, but soon we realized that his right knee was not in the right conditions for the competition. “- Lynette said. We were always close to Roger, supporting him in everything.

I still follow the tennis circuit, but it’s true that there are times when you realize that there are things you don’t know, for example, he won five consecutive seasons at the US Open during his time. Life goes on until the time comes when you have to stop.

Former American player Jim Currier had one of the most difficult tasks of not letting his emotions get the better of him when he addressed Federer in an on-court interview. “I felt a lot of pressure to make it right because I love Roger as much as anyone and I want him to have his time the way he wants to have it.

I thought he would be emotional, but I didn’t expect that much emotion from him and everyone involved, especially Rafa. So it was an amazing moment to be a part of,” Currier said.



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