Rogue defeated Vitality, putting their fate in Fanatic’s hands

Rogue defeated Vitality, putting their fate in Fanatic’s hands


Rogue crushed Vitality’s hopes of locking up a spot in the LEC Summer Split Playoffs ahead of a potential win against Excel. Vitality now awaits the outcome of the final match between Fnatic and Misfit. If Fnatic wins, Vitality will have a playoff against Excel, but if they lose, Vitality will secure their spot in the next round.

Vitelliti started with a strong composition and a clear victory in their game against Rogue. In Haru’s Trundle, the first game is filled with epic carnage and critical attacks with neutral objectives. Like Herald and Drake, but Rogue jumped on them and waited for the slightest mistake from their opponent to take them down. And that’s what happened.

Opponents tend to position Vitality in search of active plays, giving Rogue the perfect opportunity to engage and strike a critical blow against the opposing team. Despite Rogue’s slight advantage in gold and kills, the game was tied for both sides when 20 minutes ticked off the timer. But that all changed in the blink of an eye during the third drake fight of the game, with Malrang grabbing a Vitality Bottle off guard, allowing the team to take down the enemy team with a carry.

Since then, it’s been pretty much all smooth sailing for Rog, who has maintained his familiar calm and cool head, performing well-timed engagements and surprising domains. Their rogue playstyle and map control execution guaranteed them all the neutral objectives they needed to surround Vitality’s base. Slowly but surely, Rogue retreated slightly and took down two of their opponent’s blockers as they could not risk a bold attack without risking the nexus in the event of a Vitality failure. However, Vitliti couldn’t let Rogue take the win without fighting for their lives, and in the final team fight of the game, Vitliti gave everything they had to keep their hopes alive. Still, Rogue’s relentless and oppressive march into the enemy nexus simply wasn’t enough.

Rogue closes out their last regular season game with an ace, leaving Vitality’s fate in the hands of Fanatic and Misfits.



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