Roman Abramovich may not be allowed to take charge of Chelsea today, suggests Richard Masters

Roman Abramovich may not be allowed to take charge of Chelsea today, suggests Richard Masters


Premier League CEO Richard Master asked if Roman Abramovich would be allowed to buy them. Chelsea If examination of owners and directors was timely.

Chelsea were sold this summer to a consortium led by Todd Bohly and Clearlake Capital, ending Abramovich’s 19-year ownership of the club.

Asked if the Abramovich era was good or bad for the Premier League, Masters replied: “It’s difficult to say that everything was good in hindsight, obviously, considering what happened in the last six months – six or nine months. But I think if you ask Chelsea fans they will give you a different answer.

“The way we ended up has put us in some challenges for the sport, which is part of the challenge for owners and directors. Finally, when Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea, there was no challenge of owners and directors.

“So, I think, the answer to the question is, what would have happened if it had been there? And what defenses we need to build in the future.

The Premier League’s Owners and Directors Test sets out the criteria that disqualify an individual from becoming an owner or director of a club. These include criminal convictions for various offences, bans from sports or professional bodies or breaches of certain key football laws, such as match-fixing.

When pressed on the owners and directors that the test was a test and that Abramovich would not be able to take over Chelsea, he said: “Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? Therefore, it was not at that time; It exists now. It’s about to change. And part of that is probably the reinforcement – I wouldn’t call it an MOT – annual test.

55-year-old Abramovich He took over Chelsea in 2003 but was forced to sell the club RussiaThe ongoing invasion of Ukraine. He could not receive money from the sale due to the embargo imposed by the British government.

The west London club have won every trophy during Abramovich’s reign.

They have won 21 trophies including five Premier Leagues, five FA Cups. Champions League And two Europa Leagues.

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Roman Abramovich was famous for oligarch football

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Roman Abramovich was famous for oligarch football



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