Saddam Ali slightly backs Terence Crawford to beat Errol Spence Jr.

Saddam Ali slightly backs Terence Crawford to beat Errol Spence Jr.

The world is waiting for official confirmation that an undeniable welterweight unification between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence is on the way, but all signs are pointing in that direction and many in the boxing world are giving their take on the matchup. Here we have former junior middleweight titleholder Saddam Ali, who has past experience with Crawford and shares how he views the fight.

“Spence is a great fighter,” Ali said. “Spence is amazing, but so is Crawford. It’s hard to choose but I can choose. I, personally, lean a little closer to Crawford. If I’m going 55-45, I’ll give 55 to Terence Crawford. They both have energy, they both have heart, I feel like Terence is a little more flashy. And I feel like that’s the only edge he can have. “

Then, when asked if he could see Crawford score a stoppage against Spence to claim all the belts, Ali didn’t want to go out on that limb.

“Now that’s taking it too far. Anything is possible in boxing but I can’t sit here and say Spence is going to be stopped by anyone. But if there’s that one lucky punch that lands unexpectedly, if the fighter doesn’t see it, any of them can hit. Anyone in this world, if that perfect (punch) lands, but nah. In my opinion I don’t see Spence stopping, I don’t see Crawford stopping. I saw a great fight.

Ali was asked to give Spence some advice as someone who has shared the ring with Crawford in the past.

“When I beat Crawford[in the amateurs]I’ll be honest with you, it was a race all the time but maybe he was tired – I don’t know. Maybe Terence wasn’t going as far as he wanted in the amateur, but I mean he was winning everything. But still, I feel like I wanted more last round. I was down one point going into the last round and won like four to five points.

“I can’t really give advice to anybody because Terence Crawford is a completely different fighter now… What Terence has done now is very different. I can’t say he has the same style in amateur so I can’t advise him to beat him. All I can say is to beat Crawford, you have to be at your best.


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