Sean McVay’s ESPN profile suggests he got a new contract months ago

Sean McVay’s ESPN profile suggests he got a new contract months ago


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When the Rams opened training camp last month, coach Sean McVay said he had. Yet to sign a new contract After a courtship with the team, a Super Bowl win and $20 million a year from Amazon. We politely raise the possibility that the Rams and McVay chose to hide the fact that they have a new contract. Recent history of hiding new deals Giving to the head coaches.

Although he speaks to reporters several times a week, McVay’s contract has not come up in a press conference since. McVay will no doubt be one of the main topics of the next media session, considering what the 36-year-old coach told a reporter who did a lengthy new profile.

The article from’s Seth Wickersham begins by focusing on the swanky McMansion that McVay and his wife moved into earlier this year. And the article strongly suggests that the cash prize of winning McVay’s championship and defeating Jeff Bezos is not the only one waiting. McVeigh already has.

Here’s the money article about McVay’s new money: “Months later, as he sits at his desk, McVay is certain of one thing: If they had lost to the Bengals, he certainly wouldn’t have this new home.” . If Amazon had offered the two-time Super Bowl loser a $20 million-a-year booth job, would he have finally fired himself and fired his coach after being told on the street? McVeigh didn’t believe it. In any case, he was not ready to quit his job. And received a raiseHe said. (Emphasis added.)

Elsewhere in the article, Wickersham notes that McVeigh has seen his “wealth increase dramatically” this year. That won’t happen without a new contract with the Rams.

It’s weird that the Rams are hiding that fact. Maybe they’re just born liars. (People in St. Louis would agree.) Or maybe there’s a strategic reason for it. As we speculated the last time we covered the issue, Rams owner Stan Kroenke and the rest of the oligarchs are desperate not to create the impression that Amazon’s offer to McVay squeezed Kroenke to inflate the salary curve.

“So Kroenke and Demoff McVeigh were raising the stakes to reject Amazon, and they all agreed to make it look like the deal had nothing to do with forcing Amazon to pay Kroenke,” we wrote at the time.

Maybe the plan was to never let him know. Moving on, let’s hope reporters don’t go back and forth about McVay collecting big checks.

Now they ask. The profile gives them a clear and obvious reason to do so.



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