Skull Session: Big Ten done stealing Pac-12 teams, NCAA allows schools to sponsor athletes, and Daryl Lee gets Big Ten title ring back

Skull Session: Big Ten done stealing Pac-12 teams, NCAA allows schools to sponsor athletes, and Daryl Lee gets Big Ten title ring back

Folks, I’m glad to know I’m cheering — and you can be, too — for the awesome work of this Ohio State production team.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten juicier than a highlight reel with no highlights. I am not offended by this.

Word of the day: near

Staying Despite all the expansion talk and speculation over the past weeks and months, the Big Ten is done packing Pac-12 teams — at least for now.

But Notre Dame…

After last week’s jitters about further Big Ten expansion, industry sources indicated the Big Ten is not as interested in adding California, Oregon, Stanford and Washington. Rights holders are opposed to paying those schools the same amount as the 16 Big Ten schools ($80 million-$100 million).

While the four programs may eventually have options, the Big Ten is focusing on a new deal in 2023 to entice Notre Dame, which has an open invitation. Now a growing number of stakeholders believe that the Fighting Irish will ultimately remain independent.

My personal takeaway is that it’s only a matter of time before Irish people come out like horses and join conferences.

And while they’re saying they want to stay independent, I still wouldn’t be surprised if that actually changes if they see that the Big Ten is about to get a pot of gold from its next distribution deal.

At the end of the day, being independent is cool until it starts to mean leaving a pile of money on the table, and I think we’re pretty close to that point.

A little something more. In a legal surprise, the NCAA voluntarily made a rule change that clearly and simply benefits athletes. No obvious catch or fall.

Schools are empowered to unapologetically support student-athletes in a variety of ways, including providing the student-athlete with the necessary support for their personal health, safety, and well-being. Payment of items to support student’s academic activities; Purchasing various types of insurance (including loss of value and critical damage); and providing financial support to participate in elite-level training, trials, and competitions. The benefits proposal will be effective immediately.

That’s a really great rule change, but why do we have to wait until 2022 for this anyway? What sane person would object to a school giving the athlete “personal health, safety and security” or “supporting student academic activities”?

If the NCAA had simply lied for the past several decades and allowed such routines years ago, we probably wouldn’t be at the point where people are ready to fix the whole damn system.

Sometimes, such changes are a little too late, as the angry group prepares to defend you.

Meet again. The obvious benefit of a Big Ten Championship ring is that it’s huge and expensive and impressive, but the downside is that it’s extremely lucrative for any enterprising thief.

Former Buckeyes defensive lineman Daryl Lee found that out the hard way — twice in the past four years.

Community support to help him find it. Here’s hoping my guy invests in a safe (or people suddenly hold their breath, but I’m not holding my breath on that).

Sometimes that happens. I’m not ready for the most Gen Z thing I’ve ever seen in my life (I’m old enough to bomb the generation below me).

To be fair, this is one incentive to avoid violence. Maybe you left the phone there and stuck the kid running back? You have to create.

Song of the day. “Turn On My Swag” by Soulja Boy.

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