Snapshots: Samoskevich, Avalanche, Michigan

Snapshots: Samoskevich, Avalanche, Michigan


Some college prospects have plans for when they want to turn pro. Typically, first-round picks only last a year or two before making the jump. That was the case for several Michigan players last season, one of them being the Panthers prospect. Maki Samoskevich. 19 years old Alain Popupart told That there is no time to change the profession. He had 29 points in 40 games for the Wolverines in his first year, and with the 2021-22 jump to the pros along with several notable players, Samoskevich will have a big role next season. How he performs in that opportunity will go a long way toward helping Florida decide if they want him to turn pro after that.

Elsewhere in the hockey world:

  • Although it’s understandable that Colorado wants to stay in the mix for a free agent center Nazem Kadri, Paul Kisla of the Denver Post suggests The Avalanche should start looking at other options by trading or bringing in someone else Paul Stastny. The Avs don’t have enough cash to bring the 32-year-old back at the price they want, but a contract that would fit their financial structure suggests he’d give him 6.5MM AAV over four years — and he’d need some. Subtract from the current list. Colorado can find some patience with Kadri’s camp, but the market is essentially at a standstill, but at some point they may need to look at alternative plans to fill out the roster for next season.
  • Later Ways to separate A few days ago, along with Mel Pearson, Michigan decided to promote it as their own It has been named. Brandon Nurato as their interim coach for the upcoming season. The 37-year-old joined the Wolverines as an assistant coach last season after spending three years as a player development consultant with Detroit. Michigan lost Owen Power, Matthew Benniers, Thomas BordeleauAnd several others still have seven NHL draft picks for next season.



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