Source: “There will be news today” on Deshaun Watson.

Source: “There will be news today” on Deshaun Watson.


Cleveland Browns training camp

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The controversy began when Myles Simmons tweeted that the Browns had delayed their media availability for Thursday.

Here’s what we learned. A source of continuous knowledge Deshaun Watson Status “Today’s News”

The news of the settlement or final decision comes from Appeals Officer Peter Harvey. My guess is that the NFL and NFL Players Association have reached an agreement on a suspension of less than a year (10-12 games) and a fine of up to $5 million.

Judge Sue L. Robinson imposed a six-game suspension on Watson 17 days ago. Fifteen days ago, the NFL filed an appeal, hoping to get a longer ban.

Watson, according to the Associated Press, was willing to accept an eight-game suspension and pay a $5 million fine.

Stay tuned for more either way.



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