Sources: OpTic faces TSM heist that will rock Valorant esports in 2023

Sources: OpTic faces TSM heist that will rock Valorant esports in 2023


North American firm TSM has shown initial interest in the optics. Giving value roster, TSM aims to secure the best team in the region for the Partnership League next year, multiple sources told dot eSports.

While TSM is aiming to acquire the full roster, several OPTIC players have contracts requiring buyouts, including Jacob “Yai” Whittaker and Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen, which could derail the deal, according to multiple sources.

Both players have extensive contracts with Optic.

Both teams are aiming to partner tournament organizer and game developer Riot Games for the American International League, which will launch in mid-February next year, as first reported by dot eSports. Neither team is guaranteed a co-op slot at the time of writing. If TSM does not confirm its partnership with Riot, it is unlikely that players will join the organization.

OPTIC wants to re-sign the team because both Victor Wong and Austin Roberts have their respective contracts “expired” at this point. Giving value The championships, which conclude on September 18, however, are unlikely to see the core of the team remain with Optic.

The American International League features 10 teams, most from North America, with Brazil and Latin America rounding out the lineup. The league will be held on LAN and will be held from Los Angeles, USA, so South American and Latin American teams will have to relocate.

Announcements of teams securing partnership slots with Riot are expected in the coming weeks.

As reported earlier on September 6th by dot eSports, teams selected to be in the international leagues must submit their roster to Riot in mid-October.



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