Steelers on the ropes: Mitch Trubisky continues to get into the end zone.

Steelers on the ropes: Mitch Trubisky continues to get into the end zone.

Forget long scoring drives. In a training-camp simulation, Mitch Trubisky He’s struggling to get the offense into the end zone on four plays from 2 yards out.

Trubisky, a free agent signee, has taken first-team quarterback reps in all of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ camp practices so far. In the opening 2-point conversion simulation of the traditional practice known as seven shots, a successful pass has not entered the end zone since the first day of practice.

The offense didn’t score on any of Trubisky’s four snaps Tuesday, extending its streak to 14 with seven hits. Kevin Rader Tuesday – I didn’t get into the end zone. Trubisky’s only successful seven catches since last Thursday are when he directed it. Najee Harris He ran the ball on one of the four reports Monday.

Trubisky had an unsuccessful scrimmage the day after the first seven shots of camp last Thursday. On that first day, the offense scored on three of Trubisky’s four snaps.

• Trubisky’s fight spanned seven shots. On Tuesday, during a late 11-on-11 practice, Trubisky went 0-for-4 with an interception (via Damonta Kazee) and what would a sack be. The last 7-on-7 featured three short passes at or near the line of scrimmage to tight ends or running backs (only one completed), though Trubisky’s one rep that time was a zipped ball. Cody White Above the middle. But that might be Trubisky’s only quality throw all practice.

• Mason Rudolph He had the most memorable throw of the day, a ball that fell into the hands of the fast bowlers Calvin Austin III As Austin runs slowly down the left side. The ball traveled 35 yards downfield, and Austin won. Lyndon Stephens He ran the final 30 yards for a touchdown on the play.

• Rudolph once again led the third-team offense and was a starter Kenny Pickett He was with the second team for the second consecutive day. Pickett’s past two practices have shown Rudolph to be arguably the best of the three quarterbacks overall through the first four days of camp. It may not be entirely coincidental that the often-ranked No. 2 quarterback was the best of the bunch on a single day. A common theme emerged in the catches: the first team’s defensive front seven dominates the first team’s offensive line, the second team’s offensive line is better than the second team’s defensive line and the third team’s defensive front controls play. Third team offensive line.

Kendrick Green He took first team reps at left guard, where he continued to rotate Kevin Dotson. At inside linebacker, the rotation is the Devin Bush, Miles Jack And Robert Spillane He continued.

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