Team mini-golf took the world record, raised money for charity

Team mini-golf took the world record, raised money for charity


A college student, his father and two other people have submitted their application to the Guinness World Records for the most rounds of miniature golf in 24 hours!

Starting at 8 a.m. on Sunday, DePauw University student Cole Hetzel and his father, Chris, teamed up with Tony Centers and Bob Schottinger for a great day of miniature golf. Putt-Put Entertainment Center In Erlager, Kentucky, and 24 hours later, the four had completed an impressive 116 laps, according to the ABC affiliate. WCPO-TV.

Completed this morning @ 8:00 am with 2,097 holesRead the latest updates on the Mini-Golf Course Facebook page. After all is said and done. “Congratulations to these wonderful people.”

As it was said, the team completed their goal in hours of rest.

The winning record was set by a team in Germany in 2005 who played 1,440 holes for a total of 80 rounds. Golf Channel.

Cole’s team He passed that phase Just after 12:00 PM on Monday. “Crush the record” Read an update from the golf course.

Chris and Cole Hetzel.
Courtesy of Putt-Putt Golf Erlanger, KY

A representative for Guinness World Records confirmed to PEOPLE that they have received the group’s application for the title and are currently awaiting evidence to begin their review process.

“During our application process, we provide the applicant with specific guidelines for that record category that must be met,” the representative tells PEOPLE. “These guidelines also detail the evidence that must be submitted. Our standard application review can take up to 12-15 weeks to process a submission. Once received and reviewed, our records management team will confirm the success or failure of the record attempt.”

To prepare for the test, the Hittles played weekly tournaments on a miniature golf course, according to the Golf Channel.

“We’re doing this,” Cole said. Cincinnati Inquirer in advance. “We raise money for charity. Also, we love putt-putt and want to push ourselves to the limit to see what we can do, try to break the world record.”

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Cole told WCPO-TV that the four raised money for Matthew 25: The Ministry.

He told the news station that the group is now helping with flood relief efforts in eastern Kentucky.

Heavy rains in August bombarded the eastern part of the state, creating “one of the worst The worst floods in Kentucky history,” Gov. Andy Bescher said at a news conference. At least 37 people have died since Wednesday.

How you can help: Consider giving Group Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund Or Appalachian Regional Health Care Foundation Flood Relief Fund To help people affected by Kentucky’s deadly floods.



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