The Blackhawks’ Jujar Khaira talks about Jacob Trouba’s first hit

The Blackhawks’ Jujar Khaira talks about Jacob Trouba’s first hit


The Blackhawks were part of a few scary on-ice moments last season, one of which centered around teammate Jujar Kyra being stretched out on the ice in a Dec. 7 game against the New York Rangers.

For the first time publicly, Khaira spoke about Jacob Trouba’s beating and what he remembers about it.

“I remember them all,” Kyra said Friday after Day 2 of training camp. “Obviously I just saw the clip and you painted the picture. He was very drunk. You never want to be in a situation like that, but it happened and that’s it. Now I’m looking at the future.”

Khaira said Thiruba reached out via text message after the play happened, Khaira replied and said, “That was it,” and the two moved on.

Khaira refused to share his thoughts on the hit and whether it was a dirty game respectively, but you can read between the lines how he really felt about it.

“I mean, we all have our own opinions,” Khaira said. “That’s all I’m saying. We all have an opinion about hitting, and that’s it.”

Kaira admits that there is a possibility that such things can happen in a game. Hockey is an incredibly fast-paced sport played on slippery surfaces, and all the players know what they’re getting into.

“It’s hockey, it’s happened before,” Khaira said. “You see other guys through it. That’s the ugly part of hockey, but there’s always a chance it could happen and it was the case for me. It’s the game we all signed up for, and it’s the game I still want to play.”

Kyra returned to action less than a month after his injury, playing in nine games before undergoing lower back surgery in February that ended his season prematurely. He settled on a 10-12-week schedule and had a full summer off training, with no hiccups.

Khaira is healthy and grateful to start this season on a clean slate.

“There’s nothing better,” Kyra said. “Last year was an injury-riddled year for me. To come here and be healthy and be able to compete with my teammates against the best players in the world is something I’ve always wanted to do. You never want to sit on the sidelines, so when you get the chance to get back into it, it shows you how much it’s worth.

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