The F1 cost cap has not put a limit on ideas, says Ferrari

The F1 cost cap has not put a limit on ideas, says Ferrari


The developments of the cars in the 2022 campaign are different from previous years, with the teams having to balance the need to find measures to balance the costs of building new units.

I like some clothes Alpine They chose to bring small changes to each race, while other teams chose to release new units in larger packages spread over the course of the campaign.

But despite the sometimes seemingly stop-start nature of the pressures for team development, Ferrari According to senior operations engineer Jock Klipp, work in the factories was just as strong in terms of profitability.

Asked by that the factories’ work has slowed down on the road rather than the teams on the tracks, one thing is clear: “The playing conditions of the championship have made a lot of progress here and obviously have an impact on the road.” At the end of the year, you know where your ceiling is on what you can spend, because your year is closed.

“At the moment, you have to make some decisions based on the state of the game. And of course, you never stop growing.

“Whether you choose to spend on packages coming into the circuit or not, the right amount of brainpower doesn’t cost much.

Carlos Sainz Ferrari F1-75

Carlos Sainz Ferrari F1-75

Photo by: Alessio Morgese

“There are really smart people on all teams who bring ideas. So even if you don’t bring them to the circuit, they’re probably going to show up early next season.”

“Again, you choose when you bring them in. The pricing certainly hasn’t made a difference to the people who come up with good ideas. Back at the factory, that happens all the time and it’s very exciting.”

McLaren It was one of the groups that had to temporarily halt its reform push in the middle of the campaign amid uncertainty over the budget cap during the energy crisis.

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Once it was agreed to spend a little more on all the teams, McLaren was able to bring more improvements to the car.

McLaren team boss Andreas Seid said at the time: “We hope that we are not the only ones who have to pull the handbrake on further developments, mainly because of the constraints we are facing in terms of cost coverage.”

“But there are limitations with the more limited wind tunnel time you have right now, so you have to be very careful how you use your wind tunnel time.”



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