The gold knockout shields will return to the ALGS tournament after being reworked

The gold knockout shields will return to the ALGS tournament after being reworked


Season 14 of Apex Legends Gold knockdown shields will see a fundamental overhaul, removing the old self-revival mechanic in place of the “Guardian Angel” perk, allowing players with half shields and half health to revive teammates with no shields and very low health. The perk leaves the gold bag, which receives a new perk called “Deep Pocket”, which allows legends to store more health and shield items in their inventory.

With this change, a corresponding change comes to the competition Apex and the Apex Legends Global Series: Gold Knockout Shields are returning to competitive play.

Following a Twitter thread asking if Gold Knockout Shields would return to competitive play, many divs said they were unsure if such a change was coming. Apex Competitive Development Manager Eric “Ghost” Hewitt confirmed their return.

Gold knock shields were there first. Removed from competitive play in ALGS (and subsequently, all other major tournaments) two years ago. While the mechanic will remain in the game’s informal settings and modes, the team behind ALGS will reward itself with a revitalized mechanic that makes players lose a lot of combat. Gold knockout shields allowed teams that knocked out all three players to stay in the game, and at the end of the game another team with no gold bullet shields allowed them to defeat completely knocked out teams.

Its ability to win a game after a fight was completely lost was too strong for an item, the ALGS organizers decided, resulting in the gold being dropped.

Now, gold knockdown shields will return to ALGS. The new gold knock shields have the remaining gold bags in the ALGS game, so this isn’t too notable for their new abilities. Instead, this mostly affects the available loot pool and what players can get from confirmed gold item spawns like World’s Edge loot vaults.

Season 14 of Apex It starts on August 9th, while the next ALGS tournament should start sometime later this fall.



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