The “Iranian Hulk” made his boxing debut

The “Iranian Hulk” made his boxing debut


Sajjad Gharibi, known online as the “Iranian Hulk,” finally made his combat sports debut in a boxing match against a rival social media personality.

The 30-year-old has attracted a lot of social media attention with pictures of his fitness and strength skills posted on Instagram. Estimated to be 6’2” and 385 pounds, there has long been speculation online that Gharibi’s posts are often heavily edited.

“Halk of Iran”

The “Iranian Hulk” has been teased throughout the world of combat sports, including being rumored to compete for Bare Knuckle FC in 2019. Nothing came of it, but Gerby signed with the popular boxing promotion Boxstar and was scheduled to fight. With British actor Martin Ford.

The pair went head-to-head in Dubai before the event, and Ford sent the Iranian under pressure after things got a little too close. Ford eventually pulled out of the fight due to concerns about Garibi’s mental health.

Gharibi was subsequently called out by rival social media personality Zhumanov Almat Bakitovich, known online as the “Kazakh Titan”. The pair can be seen below rolling in the ring in their respective boxing debuts.

Twitter gave the first response to the Iranian Hulk Boxing

Given his popularity online, it’s no surprise that Twitter was quick to respond to Garibi’s initial push for martial arts.

After pulling out of their scheduled fight, Ford insisted he wanted to fight “The Iranian Hulk” Bakitovich after his win. With Garibi’s performance on “Kazakh Titan,” it looks like those plans will need to be put on hold for the time being.

Do you think the “Iranian Hulk” has any hope in combat sports after this debut?



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