The latest intel on the timeline for the new Pac-12 media rights deal

The latest intel on the timeline for the new Pac-12 media rights deal


The Pac-12 Conference is negotiating a new media rights deal after news broke in June that members USC and UCLA would leave the Big Ten in 2024. But according to WildcatAuthority’s Jason Scheer, a contract may not even be reached. this year.

“None of the Pac-12 presidents or athletic directors expect a deal this week, which is not surprising.” Sher wrote. “However, we have heard from sources that it is expected that an agreement may not even be reached this year. It can change, but patience will be greatly tested.

In early July, the Pac-12 released a statement announcing the start of its next media conference.

“The Pac-12 Board of Directors met this morning and authorized the conference to begin negotiations for future media rights agreements,” the conference said in a statement.

Following the announcement, CBS Sports’ Shehan Jayarajah laid out some perspective on what the Pac-12’s goal is.

“Put it in plain English: Pac-12 schools want to understand how much money is on the table for them if the current conference continues to exist after USC/UCLA,” Jeyarajah wrote. If the numbers are bad, they will quickly try to find new landing spots.

In an exclusive interview with 247Sports’ Brandon Marcello at Pac-12 Media DaysCommissioner George Kliavkoff They were asked about adding potential members and how that would affect the negotiations.

“Yeah, and it’s the chicken and the egg, right? But I think chronologically, media rights come first,” Kliavkoff said. “You have to have a sense of what that’s like, because if you invite someone to join your conference, you want to know how long the franchise is and what am I getting? Therefore, it is reasonable to make the media rights agreement first. Once the Big Ten negotiations are complete, our media rights deals will accelerate significantly. Once the Big Ten deal is done, we’re going to be out of the market, and that will still take several months. Again, I have no control over the Big Ten times. But my guess is that sometime this calendar year we will end our media rights deal. And then we can turn our attention to expansion.

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Kliavkoff stated that the 12 members in the assembly is not the goal.

“No. Ten is viable, but I think the choice is to take the expansion seriously and if the right candidates are there, expand,” Klivekoff said. “I think when you get to 16 — certainly over 16 — it becomes very, very difficult to make a conference schedule in all sports and manage the conference. You have football teams that go years without playing each other.”



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