The NBA can learn from the WNBA’s new All-League voting process.

The NBA can learn from the WNBA’s new All-League voting process.


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What a great family. It’s Sykes, back, with another version of layout lines. Let’s discuss the WNBA’s new All-WNBA voting system.

The league has announced a new system Friday’s best players. Previously, voters had to pick the best player at a position each year. You know how it goes – two guards, two forwards and one center. But from this year with the new system, there are no more places.

Instead, a voting panel of 56 media members selects the W’s top 10 players overall, regardless of position. This is a huge change.

The reason they made the change was because of the league’s lack of emphasis on basketball, according to Bethany Donaphin, the WNBA’s head of league operations.

“Our game continues to evolve. As more emphasis is placed on spacing and speed of play, players have expanded their skill sets. This evolution allows us to celebrate the best going forward.”

This is big, y’all. All-WNBA voting is important. Yes, he knows the league’s best players, but that’s his influence on a small scale. On a macro? These picks tell the story of the league that season. It’s a document that shows where the league is at any given time.

Basketball is out of place these days. There is talent everywhere. There is gunfire everywhere. He is telling teams to put out their best 5 player lineups and win. This is how basketball is played in today’s sport. It is only natural that voting reflects this. The WNBA got it right — again.

Their counterparts on the NBA side could learn a thing or two here. If there’s one thing W is going to do, it’s innovation. They are going to make changes where they see that changes are needed.

They did Conferences held for their endS. They removed it Single-elimination format in the first round of play. You have successfully launched. Season competition winnerT. And now they have done this.

These are all things that can only be discussed in the NBA. The biggest risk they took was the NBA Play-In tournament and that was largely out of necessity due to the league’s bubble state.

Obviously, these are two different leagues in two different places. The NBA is 75 years old – W only 26. And it’s very small in a very short season, so it’s a little easier to make changes.

But still, when it comes to creativity and innovation? W beats its counterpart by a country mile. Hopefully, one day he will start to get it.

Important advice

Some NBA goodness from around the USA TODAY Sports Network.

Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

The homie Brian Calbrowski did an amazing interview with Jamal Crawford Today and there are many gems in it. But what took me off guard was when Crawford said he could have played “more” if he knew what he knows today in his career.

And I’m like… still? This idiot didn’t go down. 51 points with the sun at the age of 38? Here’s what he had to say about it.

“There are a lot of things I don’t know that I can give to him and my team. This is part of our daily routine. We feel he is ready for any move that comes his way. When you’re on the court, you’re reacting. When you’re young, you think you can never get hurt. You’re like, “Hurt? I grew new muscles. I’m not hurt at all.” I don’t want them to think about it and scare them. But I want it in the back of their mind and just introduce them to how to take care of their body. It is very important. If I knew the things I know now, I would play more.”

Someone needs to invent time travel, ASAP.

A visible one

(All odds at Common.)

Sky (-6.5, -260) vs. Mystic (+6.5), O/U 159.5, 8 p.m. ET

(AP Photo/Terrence Williams)

It’s rare to see the Washington Mystics be such a big underdog, but they’re playing the best team in the WNBA so it makes sense. But the mystics are very hot. They have won two straight games with a 4-1 win over the Aces in their last 5 games. I’m taking Washington +6.5 tonight.


– It may be going Be quiet for a while in front of Brittney Greener. But do not despair.

– Look at Jason Tatum Block the child’s shot into oblivion.

– Speaking of Tatum, here’s an extensive interview with Celtics Wire when he talked about the C’s offseason.

– LAkers, Jazz and Knicks may be up to somethingG.

that’s all folks! I will talk next week. Remember: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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