The owner of the NHL’s Florida Panthers bought FlyQuest

The owner of the NHL’s Florida Panthers bought FlyQuest

Another major sports team has made an esports acquisition, opening up many avenues of growth for a niche esports organization known for its size.

FlyQuest was purchased by the Viola family, owners of Sunrise Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the NHL’s Florida Panthers. This gives the Voola family ownership of FlyQuest’s efforts league of legends With the LCS, as well as a large presence in Super Smash Bros. Melee Scene.

“We are excited about the future of the esports industry, and are drawn to FlyQuest’s culture and commitment to gaming for a great cause,” said Michael Viola, President of the Viola Family Office, in an official press release.

This acquisition is not expected to change any internal leadership within FlyQuest. Instead, the Viola family intends to work closely with them on the current structure that has allowed FlyQuest to become a strong force in esports in such a short time. Michael Choi will remain FlyQuest’s CEO, having been appointed following the recent departure of former CEO Tricia Sugita, and is looking forward to how this partnership will benefit both FlyQuest’s competitive and service sides.

FlyQuest recently finished the LCS season in 2017 with one of the best runs the organization has had since its inception. Along with the likes of Tukouil and Afromo, FlyQuest has successfully climbed the rankings on several occasions and reached the 2022 Spring and Summer Sprint. But in the end, he failed to qualify for the worlds. However, the organization has encouraged fans to invest in his talent and efforts through fundraisers for charity and player memorabilia.

The acquisition of FlyQuest by the Viola family is effective immediately.


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