The Rams’ Matthew Stafford is battling severe tendinitis in his throwing arm; Illness may last through 2022

The Rams’ Matthew Stafford is battling severe tendinitis in his throwing arm;  Illness may last through 2022

As Matthew Stafford tries to repeat as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback in 2022, he could be throwing the ball all season long. later Receiving injections for hand pain And throwing no passes during spring practice, the Rams Star has been limited in practice since Wednesday, and coach Sean McVay told reporters that Stafford will not be a full participant for the remainder of training camp. That’s because the QB is battling a severe elbow strain in his throwing arm. According to NFL Media.

Stafford underwent minor surgery after “coming together in the spring,” Ian Rapoport reported Thursday, but the elbow “wasn’t where it needed to be.” The Rams aren’t overly concerned about Stafford’s long-term health per Rapoport, but even McVay pointed out that the QB won’t be pain-free when Los Angeles begins the 2022 season.

“When you look at his overall condition,[we]want to try to make the surgery as painless as possible,” the coach said this week. “I think any time you play and you’re as tough as he is, I don’t know if you’re going to be pain-free, but the goal is going to be September 8 and about 17 games. If we get that chance, hopefully some games after that.

If Stafford is indeed diagnosed with tendinitis, the injury could be difficult to treat, an orthopedic specialist told CBS Sports, and it’s important to rest the arm as much as possible before the season. Even if the pain subsides, it can rise again during the season and throughout the season, it is very possible; If Stafford continues to play at that point, it’s a matter of enduring pain while throwing. Repeated injections, it should be noted, can eventually weaken the tendon.

When the Rams first opened camp, Stafford wasn’t limited in practice and at least continued to throw Thursday, but McVay called it Stafford’s illness and cautioned against overworking the QB.”Unusual for a quarterback“And compared to the issues facing MLB pitchers, the coach previously indicated that Stafford will be on a “peak count” during the summer to keep the reigning champion healthy.

The Rams have a three-game preseason schedule. Accounts.


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