The Seattle Hurricanes will honor Sue Bird in their final home game of the regular season; Aces play spoiler

The Seattle Hurricanes will honor Sue Bird in their final home game of the regular season;  Aces play spoiler


SEATTLE – The stage was set for an unforgettable game Sunday. Seattle Storm Honored Su bird19 seasons with the franchise before her final regular season home game in Seattle.

18,100 packed Climate Promise Arena for a franchise-record crowd against the Hurricanes Las Vegas Aces. Bird was honored with a pregame tribute on the court, featuring video highlights from Seattle’s four championships with Bird and former teammates and coaches in attendance.

Only one thing didn’t go as planned: the Aces’ 89-81 victory, which put them ahead of Seattle by 29 points. Aja Wilson And many key buckets in the fourth quarter from the guard Chelsea Gray.

“I’m not going to lie, it hurts to lose my last game here,” Bird said to the crowd after the game. But it’s okay, I lost my first game here too.

As Bird’s comments indicate, he hasn’t been able to overcome his emotions in two decades since the bankruptcy began.

“Apart from the result,” she told reporters, “it was a great afternoon for me.”

When Bird took the court to work more than an hour before the game, she could feel the energy as her fans came early and showed her many of her jerseys and t-shirts in the crowd. When the Hurricanes ran out of lines for the pregame setup, Passing the cave of her friends and familyBird explained that fans, including her fiancee Megan Rapinoe, were already in their seats instead of waiting for tipoff.

For Bird, the pregame ceremony and the important play that followed — Seattle could have moved on with a win in the Las Vegas game — were reminiscent of senior day at the University of Connecticut.

“You have this big ceremony and your parents take you out and you’re all emotional,” she recalls. “And then it’s like, ‘Oh, you have to play this game.'”

There were still nostalgic interruptions during gameplay. Bird looked back on highlights from a rookie season 20 years ago (her career-high 33 points against the Portland Fire, which came two decades ago Tuesday) and reminiscing about the season.

For the most part, though, Sunday’s game was simply a matchup of two of the WNBA’s best teams, both in the playoffs. Tina Charles, who arrived at the game wearing a bird’s eye high school jersey with her classmates (Christ the King in Brooklyn, New York), led the wave in the game. At halftime, Charles and Breanna Stewart had 14 points and six rebounds, though the Aces still led by one.

Neither team would lead by double digits the entire game, but Seattle couldn’t break through in the second half as Las Vegas seemed to claw back every rally. Stewart, who finished with a season-high 35 points, and Charles (19) were the only Storm players to score in double figures. Four of the Aces’ five starters have scored at least 15 points for their team.

Wilson jokingly apologized when asked postgame by a reporter about the Bird tribute being a “party crasher.”

“I wasn’t trying to crash his party,” Wilson said.

“It was a big night for him. I’m very happy for him and her [Sylvia Fowles] Both are getting their blooms. What Sue has done with this franchise is amazing. I’m honored to be her teammate on the Olympic team, especially since she finished fifth. [gold medal] with her. This is a big night for her. I’m sure it’s going to be a big night for her and it’s all definitely love.”

In the case of birds, she received only metaphorical flowers, giving due compliments to her profession. She A young fan sitting next to the court literally gave him a flower “To keep” before giving back.

Unforgettable moments helped Bird pass the score.

“Listen, Vegas is a great team,” she said. “I think – including myself – we made a lot of mistakes in our control. Eight points don’t really tell the story, I don’t think, they extended it at the end. I would have loved to see it again and win… Maybe it’s a sign of good things to come. It went well in 2002.”

Pokey Chatman, who served as Seattle’s interim head coach alongside Noelle Quinn due to WNBA health and safety protocols, acknowledged the injury was serious but vowed to return the team to the Climate Pledge Arena for the playoffs.

“I think when everybody goes home and tomorrow we pack up and go on our trip,” Chatman said, “it’s probably going to be like, ‘Damn, I wish we could do that to her.'” [But] Sue doesn’t make you feel that way.

The good stuff isn’t over yet and we’ll be back here.

In order to find peace in the first round of the playoffs, he must quell the storm. Washington Mystics For the top-four seed. Washington’s home loss Sunday b Los Angeles Sparks Seattle moved up one game in the losing column.

The Mystics have won their last two games, both against the league-worst Indiana feverThat means the Hurricanes must finish at least 2-1 on a road trip that starts against the WNBA leader. Chicago sky And the rematch will conclude next Sunday in Las Vegas.



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