The Talladega forecast sets up a long NASCAR weekend.

The Talladega forecast sets up a long NASCAR weekend.

Yelawood 500


Rain brings the 2021 YellaWood 500 to an early finish.

All three NASCAR The series runs from September 30 to October 2 The game continues. at Talladega Superspeedway. This weekend could see several weather delays, according to the forecast.

According to AccuWeatherThere is a 39% chance of rain at the Superspeedway on Friday, September 30. This will create some problems for the Camping World Track Series and Xfinity Series drivers as both of their qualifying sessions are in the late afternoon and into the evening. If the rain shortens the sessions, NASCAR will have to set the starting lineup in the formula.

The two series will hold their respective playoff contests on Saturday, Oct. 1 as part of a doubleheader. There is a 25% chance of rain in the morning and afternoon, which will affect the prime time of 12:30pm ET (FS1) and 4pm ET (USA). The evening calls for a 90% chance of rain. Although Talladega Superspeedway does not have lights, this will be a very important point.

A Cup Series can have a number of issues.

Talladega Superspeedway

GettyTrack crews try to keep Talladega Superspeedway dry.

The Yellwood 500 takes place on Sunday, October 2 at 2pm ET (NBC). This race will be the second of the 12 rounds, and will serve as an opportunity for many drivers to survive the chaos and gain some crucial points. A carefree ride to Texas Motor Speedway.

There is a possibility that there will be several weather related issues during the crucial qualifiers. AccuWeather is calling for a 25% chance of rain on Sunday, while the iOS weather app lists a 30% chance of rain.

The 2021 race weekend at Talladega Superspeedway featured several cut races. Brandon Brown won It was dark in a short Xfinity Series race – which also featured a rain delay – and he took his first trip to victory lane. After one day, Bubba Wallace won his first job The Cup Series race shortened the Yellwood 500 after heavy rain and near darkness.

Based on the forecast, there is a chance that rain could play a factor in the playoffs this weekend. If so, this makes for a more aggressive ride on a track that’s known to be incredibly chaotic. This will likely result in a lot of debris and some playoff contenders heading to the garage first in situations where they have to beat them.

The rain could send many drivers home.

Xfinity Series

GettyXfinity Series drivers wait on pit road during rain delay.

If the rain messes with the weekend schedule, it could have the least impact on the Cup Series field. There are only 37 cars on the entry list, so if rain washes out the qualifying session, all will make the starting line-up.

The Truck Series and Xfinity Series fields tell a different story. Both series have 41 drivers on their respective entry lists. Only 36 make the Truck Series starting lineup, while only 38 can make the Xfinity Series starting lineup.

Depending on the number of entries, there will be many drivers heading home early, but the rain will eliminate many opportunities for drivers to make a single start. This list includes Joe Nemechek (Sam Hunt Racing), Jeffrey Earnhardt (Emerling-Gas Motorsports) and Ronnie Bassett Jr. (Bassett Racing) in the Xfinity Series.

Load series fieldFor comparison, it could be without Corey Roper (Roper Racing), Jennifer Jo Cobb (Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing), Clay Greenfield (Cook Racing Technologies), Bryan Dauzat (FDNY Racing) and Tim Viens (G2G Racing).


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