The website has finally settled with MLB after a decade-long battle

The website has finally settled with MLB after a decade-long battle


A decades-long battle over a simple web address – – Twin brothers Durland and Darwin Miller and Major League Baseball It finally ended earlier this month when URL ownership was transferred to MLB.

The Miller Twins registered the address in 1995, three years before the league first claimed the rights to and five years before the league registered Over the years, MLB has acquired and purchased various URLs from private owners, most recently, which was purchased in 2015 for $375,000.

But three reserved URLs remain outside MLB ownership. is owned by NFL and the New York Giants and is owned and operated by Seattle seafood restaurant Ray’s Boathouse.

The third,, is owned by the Miller Twins and has basically been hacking on the site for over 25 years. However, earlier this month, ownership of the URL was taken over by MLB Advanced Media, according to a back-end search of domain name ownership.

The long-running ordeal surrounding and the brothers’ feud with baseball’s billion-dollar corporation was the subject of controversy. In-depth article in 2015 From Ben Lindbergh at Grantland. Lindbergh Monday He reported the news first Domain silent sale.

According to Lindbergh, the twins gave the URL to MLB. They sold it to a third-party broker for an undisclosed price.



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