This week in Michigan Tech sports

This week in Michigan Tech sports

This Week In Michigan Tech Sports

Monday, September 26
• Rocket League B from ECPI University at 7 pm NACE Starleague

Tuesday, September 27
• CSGO vs George Mason Patriots 7pm NACE Starleague
• Rocket League A vs. Western Kentucky 8 pm NACE Starleague

Wednesday, September 28
• Valorant vs. Kansas State 7pm NACE Starleague. Stream
• League of Legends vs. Juniata College 7 pm NECC

Thursday, September 29
• Smash Bros. vs. Davenport Evening 7 pm NACE Starleague. Stream

Friday, September 30
• CSGO vs Northeast 7 pm NACE Starleague. Stream

Sunday October 2
• Rocket League A and B CRL Qualifiers 2nd round

All physical events are there. Brave

Times may change, check Twitter @MTUEsports For updates.

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Apex Legends

Tech took 9th place overall and competed in the Community Game Battle Royale on Saturday. Griffin “Starspringer” Wick secured two kills in match 3.


The match against George Mason was rescheduled for tomorrow. On Friday, the Huskies will face the Northeastern Huskies in the Huskies Showdown.

league of legends

The Tech Callers won their NECC season opener at Ontario Tech 2-1. Hayden “Big Daddy Bard” Long led the effort with 13 saves in Round 1 as Vex. Aiden “Oscar Wilde” Vandry continued his economy in the second round. 215 CS points for it.

This week the Huskies face Juniata College.


NACE held an Overwatch 1 tournament over the weekend. Tech beat Central Michigan 2-1 to start. General “Helix Nebula” Myers contributed 24,036 healing points on King’s Row and Josh “MrGotGame” Gindt had 41 kills as D.Va.

Tech’s run ended 2-0 at Maryland. Max “Sky” Killeen hit 6,577 points as Reinhardt on King’s Row.

Rocket League

Tech turned the tide with a 3-0 win over Butler on Monday. Isaac “Stew” Stilwell scored two goals in Round 1, while team captain Tyler “Tatter” Tappin scored three goals in Round 2.

The B team had a close 3-0 sweep of Ferris State in its NACE Starleague Varsity+ Division opener. Frank “Spitzer” Brock had two saves in Round 2. Tech is now 0-1 in the NSL Varsity + Division.

Tech lost 3-2 to CRL Brewton Parker last Saturday, sending the Huskies to the losers bracket. They then fell to Shawnee State 3-1. This Saturday, the team will get one more shot at making it to the big leagues.

The Huskies will reschedule to Western Kentucky in the varsity premiere on Tuesday and face ECPI University in Varsity +.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

On Thursday, the Smash defeated Aquinas 2-0. Christian “Triple C” Clemmons took eight shares as Incineroar in match 1 and rookie Tyler “Twizzler” Tischer shut down four shares as Cloud. Tech is now 2-1 in the NACE Starleague Varsity Premier Tournament.

This Thursday, Smash will face Davenport at 7 pm


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