Thoughts following the Rangers’ first preseason game

Thoughts following the Rangers’ first preseason game

Rangers First Preseason Game - A Win Over The Islanders

It’s been a while since we discussed actual game action, and it’s great to see some live hockey again. of Rangers first Pre-season The game went wild as the presence of two check-in spots made it feel like a big moment. Jimmy Vesey He got a goal and Brennan Othman He had two assists in the first season alone. There is no goal difference for pre-season, but we do have ideas.

  • That short goal By K’Andre Miller Othmann was just beautiful. The pressure, the presence of mind not only to cut the net, but to protect it and keep Miller open, is amazing. There’s no reason to rush Ottman, so I still think he’ll return to the OHL, but this kid is going to turn heads.
  • Vesey could compete with Ottman for the 3LW spot, but his main competition will likely be Barkley Goodrow and possibly Sammy Blaze. A goal from a sharp angle is one way he can distinguish himself by taking advantage of a poor goalkeeper’s position.
  • A Chris Kreider Goal in front of the net? Shocking.
  • It’s only the Rangers’ first preseason game, but we have to be happy with how much time the Rangers have spent in the offensive zone.
  • Filip Chytil He picked up where he left off, got to the net, reading the play, and got himself in position to shoot after the puck came down. I really hope the Rangers find a way to keep him. They will regret trading it.
  • Zach Jones He should be the front runner for 3LD, especially after that goal. It wasn’t pretty, but he made a good read and got out of a bad situation where he was about to crash. Kaapo Kako. His shot is much better this year as well.
  • Also good control by Kacco on that Jones goal. He was under pressure, but he saved the puck and bought time for Jones to get open.
  • Vitali Kravtsov will be a great NHLer. We know his ability, but what has improved is his play on defense and in the neutral zones. He’s actually playing a style of hockey that fits well in Gerard Gallant’s system. This will give good results in this season.
  • It’s just the Rangers’ first preseason game, but there’s no reason to keep Hajek in the lineup right now. He was outnumbered by every Ranger.
  • Bobby Trivigno has some tires.
  • There are a lot of guys who played last night that deserve another look at how they played. Vesey, Trivigno, Jones, Othmann, Gustav Rydahl, to name a few.
  • It may be the preseason, but it’s fun to watch the Isles look like hot dirt.


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