Top 25 coaches in the 2022 season

Top 25 coaches in the 2022 season


If you’re in a rut at the start of fall camp this month, try to rank college football’s top 25 coaches and do it in an order that pleases everyone — it’s impossible. Winning is everything and with the new transfer portal craze, the advantages of the NFL and the unequal distribution of revenue between the major conferences, there is a coaching staff capable of competing for national championships. every year Struggling to shoot easily with the others.

And with this summer’s rehab in full swing, Competitive balance is more at stake. – Says it’s Nick Saban. The coach, who has won seven national championships since the turn of the century, is concerned about the Super League. An era may leave the edge of college football to just a handful of teams.

Honestly, it’s always been that way. Every now and then there’s a program that can secure success and build it bigger than the usual suspects. Clemson is a model. A number of factors are factored into this ranking, including career success, current recruiting strength, program leaders who are less likely to succeed in the future, and who work consistently every year.

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Check out the top 25 head coaches in college football and our thoughts on each pick.



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