Two classic Guilty Gear titles are getting back-to-back Netcode updates.

Two classic Guilty Gear titles are getting back-to-back Netcode updates.

Guilty Gear Fans have had nothing but wins over the past year, and Arch System Works is updating two classic titles with rollover netcode and adding two more.

After a full year of these refactoring updates, ArcSys is finally bringing improved online performance. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator And Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2Among the two most requested topics for this update.

As with previous recovery patches, ArcSys will undergo official beta testing on Steam to rule out any issues that may arise during live playtesting. The beta will be available to all players who choose to use the test client at the end of October, and more details will be shared soon.

This is being developed by the same team that ArcSys has brought in to revamp other older titles with a rollout, so fans can expect the same experience across the beta and full release.

It’s not confirmed in the announcement, but this update will be available until 2018 PlayStation 4 versions of these games when the patch is officially released. This was the case. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battleeven if BlazBlue: The Central Novel And Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R It is only available for PC.

Regardless of where the update is, fans who have been asking for this since 2020 can now grind in peace while waiting for their netcode to be updated.

With that, ArcSys still has at least one more character with a cross-play beta and update scheduled for release in Fall 2022. Guilty Gear StriveSo more revelations should be made in the coming months during the Arc World Tour.


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