Tyler Reddick, Richard Childress win ‘Smooth Things Over’

Tyler Reddick, Richard Childress win ‘Smooth Things Over’


INDIANAPOLIS — Can time, champagne, a few beers and winners mend the most broken fence?

Tyler Reddick and Richard Childers will let us know soon.

Because Reddick made the surprise announcement during a Toyota video call with reporters that he plans to let go of Joe Gibbs Racing driver/23XI Racing owner Denny Hamlin, Toyota Racing’s David Wilson and 23XI Racing president Steve Lauletta within 19 days. Richard Childress Racing said on Sunday it had not spoken to the 26-year-old driver for 23XI after 2023, four years with the team owner.

NASCAR Cup Series driver Tyler Reddick (top left), and teammates after winning the Verizon 200 at the Brickyard, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Sunday, July 31, 2022.

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After taking the pole in Victory Lane at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Reddick led 38 laps and earned his second win of the month in Sunday’s Verizon 200 restart in two finals. , who marked his first career Cup Series victory on July 3 at Road America, broke his earth-shattering news on July 12, injured a runner at Pocono on July 24 (following the first top-two cars post-race DQs) and then won from the pole on Sunday.

Reddick said he informed Childress of his plans and spoke to the entire Chevy staff before jumping on a Toyota video call on Sunday, July 12, and shocking the racing world. There was no contact between the driver and the owner during the three race weekends.

“But winning can fix things,” Redick said Sunday. “I told him that as long as I’m racing here, I’m going to do everything I can to win races for this team. I would love to have a championship or two with them. They’ve helped me come so far as a driver, and I’m going to give them everything I’ve got.

I need to be a better driver now so that we can win as many races together as possible.

NASCAR Cup Series driver Tyler Reddick (8) wins the 29th annual Verizon 200 at the Brickyard Sunday, July 31, 2022, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis.

Reddick disputed the idea that No. 8’s staff or Childress owed more because of how the announcement was handled or that things were announced in advance. Still, there’s an added pressure that he finds he’s putting on himself.

“But if anything, my motivation is a bit higher – not a huge amount,” he said. But right now we have a very difficult situation. This will be the end of the road for us together, and I want to find more ways to bring the best of us to the track. Now that we know when the end will be, we must make the most of every moment.

“For me, it makes me push harder, and we’re all working hard together to give every ounce to win as many races as we can.”

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With Reddick’s win at the IMS road course, RCR now has its first multiple-win driver since 2017 and its first multiple-win driver in a season since 2013. Nine years ago, during that season, Kevin Harvick won four times and finished third. In the title chase – Coincidentally, Childers lost one of the stars of the series, with news breaking more than a year before the move last time.

In the year On the weekend of the 2012 season finale, ESPN’s Marty Smith broke the news that Harvick had signed a deal with Stewart-Haas Racing for 2014 – to follow the end of his current deal with RCR – his home for the first 13 years. Trophy work. “I have a contract for 2013, and this is 2012,” Childers told ESPN in Smith’s breaking story. I am not talking to you about anything.

“You have to talk to people,” Childress told ESPN after Harvick told him he wouldn’t drive for RCR after 2013. Don’t talk to me about it.

Team owner Richard Childress on pit road during the 2019 Big Machine Vodka 400 at the Brickyard at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019.

More than two months later, Childers officially confirmed the news in the middle of his preseason press conference. “We had a meeting, and he told me his plans and we talked about what we’re going to do in 2013,” Childers said in January 2013. Harvick, on the other hand, refused for some time to confirm any news about his plans after that season.

Childress was unaware of the news flow, the angry comments and the two-month gap before she calmly addressed the elephant in the room on Sunday. Maybe time will heal the wounds or at least help to write a different story.

Asked on Sunday what it would be like to get another win with Redick despite the news breaking and the pair having a long runway, the team owner said, “Kevin and I talked about the whole challenge, and we did a joint announcement. He won four races that year, and we came close to winning the championship.

“It didn’t happen that way.”

Childress said Sunday that after the driver’s conversation with Reddick about his future plans, he spent most of the next day thinking deeply about how to solve the problem and move the team forward effectively. Although he said after Sunday’s race that he, Reddick and the No. 8 crew will “give it everything we’ve got, and then we’ll see where we go next year,” Kyler Reddick confirmed that he’s in fact chasing his end. Talk to RCR before going to Toyota.

Asked if Reddick and the No. 8 Chevy team, one of six entries with multiple wins this year, could win the Cinderella Championship in 2022, Childress told Fox Sports’ Bob Pokras: “They’ve got a good shot.” They got one shot.”

NASCAR Cup Series driver Tyler Reddick (8) wins the 29th annual Verizon 200 at the Brickyard Sunday, July 31, 2022, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis.

In a world of motorsport in which every driver’s team contract is in turmoil – whether it’s Alexander Rossi’s long farewell with Andretti Autosport (which included a three-year win streak at IMS on Saturday), Daniel Ricciardo’s passionate relationship with McLaren in F1, Kyle Busch’s departure from long-time home Joe Gibbs Racing or Chip Given Ganassi’s inability to come to terms with racing and the further charge that title-winning Alex Pallow has in mind for McLaren – Reddick and RCR may be able to put their differences aside and maximize each other’s performance. It may be the most curious case of all when they close their chapter together.

“I wouldn’t be the road course racer that I am without RCR and Chevy and the guys on my team,” Reddick said. “I have to do this for the people who helped me get here. If anything, it’s inspired me more than I thought it would before all of this went into motion.



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