VCT 2023 Terms Explained: VALORANT Salary, Rules & More.

VCT 2023 Terms Explained: VALORANT Salary, Rules & More.

Pre-season transfer window from September 26 b Giving value Teams to compete in the VCT 2023 International League are now open. This means that rival teams can start signing players. Giving value From now until February 1, 2023, Riot is looking for an “initial contender roster” by October 15th.

According to Riot’s official VCT roster building rules, the contracts players sign are called “Esports Service Agreements.” Before these agreements are signed and made public, let’s take a closer look at the various laws and policies surrounding contracts, including minimum wages.

Giving value Salary for VCT 2023

Each international league has its own minimum annual salary for a team member, and each contract must last at least one full year.

  • USA: 50,000 dollars per year
  • EMEA: €50,000 per year
  • Pacific: ₩67,000,000 KRW per year

If a higher amount is required by applicable law in a particular country, this figure is the minimum required. Teams are exempt from exceeding the minimum, but potential bonuses do not count toward the minimum. There is no listed maximum salary or group salary limit.

In addition to the minimum wage, each contract must clearly outline the amount of compensation or compensation, including signing bonuses, individual and team performance bonuses, stream fees/parties, promotional/sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

Giving value Contract rules and requirements for VCT 2023

Here is a list of known rules and requirements for the VCT 2023 contract for all crew members.

  • Contracts are prohibited from including non-compete clauses or “right of first refusal” clauses, which allow teams to deny or deny players upon completion of their initial contract.
  • Contracts are limited to four seasons, but can be structured to have a basic starting term and an option for both parties to mutually agree to an additional season or seasons. This base term and optional seasons still cannot exceed four seasons.
  • In relation to VCT matches, contracts are required to include provisions prohibiting team members from match-fixing, matching or gambling.
  • Contracts include an option for both parties to terminate the agreement when the other party commits a “material breach” of the contract.

How do trades work in VCT?

No limit or maximum trading. Teams can trade team members with other teams participating in VCT. Transactions need not be one-to-one or two-to-two, and must not be limited to two participating groups. Teams can trade players for cash or cash.

Contracts may include trade restrictions or conditions, such as trade vetoes, but those must be clearly defined in the agreement.


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