Veloce Esports Announces Long-Term Partnership With Next Level Racing – European Gaming Industry News

Veloce Esports Announces Long-Term Partnership With Next Level Racing – European Gaming Industry News


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The agreement marks a new collaboration between the sim racing powerhouses

Veloce Esports today (August 1) announced an exciting partnership with world-leading simulation brand Next Level Racing, which aims to drive greater innovation in the sector.

This partnership will see Next Level Racing become the official cockpit supplier of Velos, providing the team’s leading dispatch drivers with exclusive hardware and equipment.

As both organizations continue to excel in the esports industry, Velos and Next Level Racing will actively work together for the benefit of the sim-racing community, attending events and hosting tournaments – both online and in person.

In the year Founded in 2009, Next Level Racing has established itself as a leader among simulation brands, providing simulation innovations in an industry-leading product range sold in more than 40 countries.

At the heart of both Next Level Racing and Velos is a focus on innovation and quality to meet the ever-changing needs of sim racers and gamers, the former now providing the latter with high quality and reliable hardware.

Next Level Racing continues to lead the market, currently securing partners and partners in the global gaming industry, including Velos.

Meanwhile, Velos eSports is the world’s leading esports and racing development platform focused on innovation in the gaming, sports, media and entertainment sectors. Comprised of high profile drivers, influencers and teams from around the world.

Throughout this partnership there will be many events for the community to enjoy, with Next Level Racing benefiting from Velos’ online ecosystem with over 500 million monthly viewership.

Cam Royal, Head of Talent at Velos eSports, said: “Since the beginning of the year, Velos has continued to grow and improve our in-house esports program and we were actively looking for a cockpit supplier who shared our desire to grow. It provides an environment for sim-racing drivers as well as an opportunity for them. We feel that next level racing is that partner; And we’re excited to enter into this partnership where we can work together to give back to the community and ensure that both new and existing talent have access to the best hardware.

Cam Kadem, Head of Brand at Next Level Racing, said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Velos Esports. This partnership will allow both organizations to work more closely together to enable Velos to connect drivers with cockpits at the highest levels of sim racing. We also look forward to creating an engaging experience for the sim racing community through multiple online and in-person activations. Velos’ extensive experience in motorsport and shipping makes them the perfect partner for the next level of racing.



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