Venus Williams reveals what her most dangerous weapon is.

Venus Williams reveals what her most dangerous weapon is.


Seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams says practice and good technique are one of the keys to success. Williams, 42, is the all-time greatest in singles and doubles. On Instagram, Williams held a Q&A and was asked how she has improved and been consistent on the WTA Tour.

“Practice and good technique. Without technique, you can’t take good shots over and over again,” Williams said on Instagram. In the year In the early 2000s, Williams was one of the best and most dominant players.

In her prime, Williams was known as a great server, strong grounder and one of the best movers in the women’s game. But when asked about her most dangerous weapon, Williams revealed it’s her mind. “My friend’s mind,” Williams said.

Williams reflected on her Olympic success

Williams is a five-time Olympic medalist with four gold and one silver medals. Williams is also the only player in tennis history to win medals in all three tennis events – singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

“Both are very hard to compare, the gold medal is more than I ever dreamed of and the Grand Slam victory is years of work, dreams and sacrifices,” Williams explained. In the year At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Williams won her first and only singles gold medal.

In women’s doubles, Williams collected three gold medals with her sister Serena Williams. In the year At the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Williams came close to winning her first mixed gold medal when she and Rajeev Ram lost in three straight finals.

Last year, Williams skipped the Tokyo Olympics. Williams, who has not played a singles tournament since August last year, is set to return to action next week at the Washington City Open. Williams will play in the first round of qualifying in Washington.



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