Victor Dubuisson, a mysterious injury in Paris

Victor Dubuisson, a mysterious injury in Paris

For the 4th time this season, Victor Dubison did not appear at the start of the 2nd round of the DP World Tour. This time, it was up to the crowd this Friday at the Golf National Rabbitohs. A bad habit that the European circuit cannot stop, which seems to be the only penalty item in the rules.

It is not enough to force the former French number 1 to respect the institution, the sport and the fans. Victor Dubuisson is considered by many to be a true “genius” as the hyper-talented, world-class French player in history ranked 15th in the planet’s hierarchy.

Many of us were excited by his return to the front at the start of the season when he took 4th place in the first race of the year in Abu Dhabi. It was a result that guaranteed him to finish the season in points to secure his right to play on the DP World Tour next year.

But Azurian remains a special case in the miniature golf world. In the year Since 2014, he has responded sparingly to French journalists. “It could be the foreign press. “At the British Open in Liverpool in 2014, coach Benoit Ducoulombier finally spoke to reporters after insisting for so long.

“Go ahead, ask your nonsense questions,” he said at last. This week at Golf National, Dubuisson greets people he knows from afar from his illustrious amateur years, but still avoids the microphones and cameras of Golf Planet and our colleagues.

Too bad, we wanted to ask him about this mysterious ailment that forced him to lose every time the first round went as planned and he was at the bottom of the leaderboard after 18 holes. To avoid penalizing a player, European Tour officials require a medical certificate within weeks of a player’s withdrawal.

Otherwise, Dubuisson and others are responsible for fines, the amount of which will increase when the unauthorized fixed prices accumulate. So what about the reasons given by the French? “The DP World Tour will not be met with fines,” we were politely told.

So it is impossible to know more. The sad reality of the numbers is still there. This season, Dubuisson missed 8 cuts in 13 races, giving up 5 times. 4 times after the first round, 1 time after you manage to cross the cutoff at Czech Masters.

A 60th after two rounds, the Cannes native withdrew from the event feeling that he was perhaps not in good enough shape to achieve a better result. In the year In 2021, Dubuisson played 19 games, missed 10 interceptions and did not start the 2nd round 5 times.

In the year Since joining the Saudi international on February 7, 2021, pocketing €5,100, he has played 32 matches and missed 18 games. 9 were after leaving. This is 50% of the time! This annoying tendency of the allies to end the tournament in two games is not new.

Between 2011 and 2015, this happened to him once or twice a year. But since 2016, it has really been seen. It was the 20th time in 94 races that the Frenchman had missed the cut. More than once in 5!

Although the medical issue is not our field, we can expose the investigation to see if the judgment pulls the course. He rarely smiles. He no longer enjoys it. Victor Dubison is sick of golf. To him, playing golf seems like a chore, a chore where you drag your feet.

In these circumstances, if he is unlikely to finish well enough in the standings, he should definitely choose to throw in the towel rather than inflict further misery on himself.


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