Who is Bernard Chong? An esports CEO is smuggling meth.

Who is Bernard Chong?  An esports CEO is smuggling meth.


Bernard Chong is the owner of Bren Esports, whose role in the media has been a bit strange in the past few weeks. He went from being the leader of a major esports team to being hunted by Philippine authorities for his involvement in a meth smuggling ring.

A sensational topic has drawn attention in esports news this week. None of the alleged activities reached the lead group. While still in custody, he still took to Twitter to deny the charges and maintain his innocence. This is what happened and who esports organ owner Bernard Chong was a meth smuggler before all this.

Bernard "Brain" Chong

The hunt for the owner of Brain eSports on the smuggling business of the Met

Chong is wanted in connection with the meth smuggling business. In the last 3 years, he has been accused of being behind the illegal transportation of 276 kilometers of the port. The role in this plan isn’t to own a team, but to sneak packages in and out. Chong has other business interests outside of esports. These include owning a cargo service through which the smuggling took place.

The news was definitely shocking and esports fans were surprised that someone in the community was involved in all of this. Chong took to Twitter to defend himself and said the allegations were false. This is not the first time Chong has been involved in similar charges. In the year He is also wanted on additional smuggling charges in 2019, for which he paid up to $1.25 million.

Who is Bernard Chong?

Bernard Chong made the news with these allegations, but he backtracked several times in the esports world. He currently owns Brain eSports.

Brain eSports has an active roster in various games, but they are mainly known for their work in mobile Bang Bang. The four-year-old team scored well in the mobile game. They also played other esports like Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, LoL, Overwatch and Tekken.

Brain eSports has achieved great success in the four years they have been operating. They’ve competed in major tournaments for mobile games, but they’ve rarely gone far in Valorant. Including access to VCT. Brain eSports was unable to attend the VCT due to visa issues.

Bernard Chong is part of the Chong family. They’ve been carrying brands like World Scale for a while, and many other businesses will see his involvement in addition to his role in esports.

The personal problems of the CEO may complicate the affairs of Brain Esports. Whether they’re guilty or not, the group’s financial future could be in jeopardy. While Chong still owns the team, these alleged crimes could keep sponsors away from the team. It may be a while before this issue comes to a conclusion. A hunt to find him is likely to see development soon, though.



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