Why didn’t Gary Williams go to Vietnam with his last four teams, Dixon, Francis, Vasquez and others?

Why didn’t Gary Williams go to Vietnam with his last four teams, Dixon, Francis, Vasquez and others?


He did Gary Williams Did you know at the time that for the first time in program history, the first Final Four team was good enough to advance that far?

“In 2001? I wasn’t sure because we were young. We had good players. But we were young. And we had some time. We lost the game to Duke at the old Cole Field House. It was probably good. We were up 10 with one minute and 10 seconds left. Jay Williams hit a three. . Show Rex Chapman. “We’ve lost four of our next five, going to the Final Four this year. I mean, with the ACC, once you lose confidence, you can go downhill real quick. And those teams are really good. And so we lost. And we finally got a big win at Wake Forest. That turned it around. And then We beat Duke towards the end of the season. And, you know, we were good enough to get to the Final Four from there. And here we are. We’ve played Duke here four times against really good opposition. And that’s Battier and Dunleavy and those guys. [in the Final Four].”

You already know how that turned out. Duke came back from a big deficit — with some help from the refs, Maryland fans will tell you — and pulled Maryland two games away from winning the national title the following season.

“They’re very good. And we were up 20 in the first half. But at halftime they were down 12 and then, you know, we didn’t play well in the second half. You know, momentum is funny with officials. Momentum is funny with teams. We lost our momentum and they got us, but next year. , I thought we were good enough. We lost a couple guys from the 2001 team, but we had veterans, we had four guys off a championship team that played in the NBA,” Williams said.

“We didn’t have any McDonald’s All-Americans on that team. But back then, guys would stay ’til their senior year, their junior year. So, you know, the starting lineup was the backcourt.” Steve Blake and Juan Dixon. Juan played in the NBA for seven years. Steve Blake He played 13. Lonny Baxter was our center. He played six years in the NBA. And Chris Wilcox It was spontaneous, you know, he can have moments that you can’t teach. You know, so all these people were really successful. Chris played 11 years, ending with the Celtics.”

The Hall of Fame former Terp coach spoke with Steve Francis and about a variety of topics. Greivis Vasquez Not to serve in Vietnam. Read more below:



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