Why France, other World Cup favorites won’t win Qatar 2022

Why France, other World Cup favorites won’t win Qatar 2022

At this point it will be easier to list which national teams they are. not at all In the midst of a pre-World Cup crisis. Forget the USMNT’s forgettable loss to Japan; After all, most of the tournament favorites all seem to be experiencing their own kind of mix-up.

Such is the nature of international football. Federations don’t have to worry about losing star players to richer teams, but they can’t just sign whoever they want. Coaches can only be selected from a pool of people who, according to FIFA rules, are citizens of that country and also show a “genuine connection” to the nation. That leads to chaotic player pools — you can’t do anything if your four best players are all right-backs — which in theory requires a lot of tactical sophistication from the manager to get everything done.

Except most of the best coaches do not coach the national team because the pay is not good. And if they were still training national teams, they wouldn’t be able to implement proper high-wire and tactical plans because their names are always changing and the teams only train together for two weeks a year.

Depending on how you want to see it, it’s either beauty or international football ban: everyone is deeply flawed, including nine favourites, to lift the trophy in Qatar. So let’s examine each and their in-depth case, in order of how much the betting markets predict to win it all.


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