Will high schoolers getting drafted into the NBA hurt NCAA hoops?

Will high schoolers getting drafted into the NBA hurt NCAA hoops?


Blake Schuster: oh s***

Charles Curtis: He is happy. The mental health thing is great

Carolyn Darney: Oh well, let’s say yes

Blake: Brony James Skipping College?

Brian Kalbrowski: FWIW, Bronny James is expected to take the college route.

Andy Nesbitt: RIP, college hoops. It was a good run!

Carolyn: We’ll be fine, Andy (I think it’s 2 boys if it’s a year).

Brian: I think it will be more significant than that.

Carolyn: Will that be prepared???

Charles: Overseas, G League, 18 year olds are being prepared

Carolyn: I still think college will be the best option for most. Especially from the NFL. Overseas and the G League are now available.

Charles: But they do a lot more in the NBA

Brian: People go overseas, the G League and the Elite because they can’t go to the NBA.

Andy: College wheels will quickly become like old rotary phones on your kitchen wall

Charles: Can college hoops still be good? I do not know. Like the power of the star may decrease but still.

Andy: I would argue that college hoops hasn’t been very good over the years.

Blake: Ochai Agbaji, Frank Mason and Devonte Graham all had non-existent recruits until Bill Sale got them. Kansas will probably win more titles now.

Carolyn: College stars will be good

Andy: They’ll still have March, but yeah, pick up the rest!

Blake: A big thing for college basketball this season is that the NCAA is allowing players to declare and comment on the combine/draft. So these kids don’t necessarily have to commit to the draft unless they know for sure they’ve been selected.

Brian: I mean, there are still four year players. I loved Peyton Pritchard at Oregon. Blake loved the vast majority of Kansas players during his four years in Lawrence. Then he did nothing in the NBA

Blake: They all got a ring at KU. It’s not our fault that Sacramento keeps drafting them. I don’t think we’ll see a significant drop in college. No. by Neil etc. This only helps the top 0.5 percent of players.

Carolyn: In the last….5 seasons have 2-4 guys gone pro (g-league/overseas) per year? … I’m not too worried. Maybe you don’t have Zion and Kade?

Prince Jay Grimes: College hoops could be better IMO. Players stay, teams build identity

Carolyn: Yes, at a maximum of 25 a year. I am with the prince. This college can help. More continuity.

Blake: I think the turnover in CBB is pretty low. I don’t know if it’s good or bad.

Carolyn: Little, I think, potential to help. NIL will handle any major damage IMO.

Brian: It is now very likely that the first four picks in the 2023 NBA draft will not be college players. Victor and Scott and the Thompson twins They all have more stock than anyone in college.

Carolyn: Honestly, this isn’t another college plug, no need to go to the four worst teams (mostly sarcastically). Stay two years in college, get rid of kings.

Andy: Stay in college for two years to avoid the NBA. If you’ve been in college for more than two years, you’re looking for a professional career abroad.

Carolyn: That’s politely false but okay.

Andy: I think it’s mostly true but I don’t have the stats anywhere near me.

Blake: Yeah, no one knows what happened to that Marcus Smart guy after he left Oklahoma State.

Andy: That’s exactly why I said so much!

Carolyn: Or where has Malcolm Brogdon been since 2016?

prince On the affected list.

Christian D’Andrea: Dead.

Carolyn: SIR He was Rookie of the Year.

Blake (mostly to Andy, a Celtic fan): Robert Williams III, Grant Williams both multi-year college guys as well.

Carolyn: We’re redefining the ability level expectations for college. You have no Zion; But that doesn’t bother me.

Andy: As a casual fan Zion is huge for me!

Brian: I mean college is still a viable option lol. There are many players who enter the NBA after playing in high school for several years.

Blake: Jay Morant. Two-year senior at Murray State. No one has heard from him since.

Charles: As a side note, I won’t be looking at college until March.

Carolyn: As a die-hard college fan, I wasn’t too bothered. (I’m tired of pitching the NCAA to casual fans, but that’s another debate for another day and I’m long overdue.)

Andy: Unless some Cinderellas pass, I’ll wait or start watching the Final Four around the Sweet 16.

Christian: Andy will be up next week with slashed tires and there may be top gun related clues as to who did it.



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