WNBA’s Kelsey Plum to meet her fan who is fighting cancer

WNBA’s Kelsey Plum to meet her fan who is fighting cancer


Kelsey PlumFan Ashleigh Ahrens is on her way to checking off her bucket list.

Ahren, who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, will meet the athlete on Sunday after recognizing her creative effort to attract attention while attending an Aces game this week.

Ahren held up a “Living w” sign at Thursday’s game for “Breast Health Awareness Night.”[ith] Stage 4 breast cancer! Meeting Plum is #10 on my BUCKET list!” as I stood in the audience.

To her surprise, her move was caught by an attendee who later informed Plum about her. On Friday, the Aces point guard posted a photo of Ahrens on her Twitter account, asking for help from her followers to find Ahren.

Following a plea on social media, her team was able to meet with Ahrens and set up a meeting between the two for Sunday’s game.

to speak KTNV-TV About the experience, Ahren – who has been fighting breast cancer for three years – explained that the decision to bring the sign was a spontaneous act suggested by a friend.

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I was like, “I wish I had a sign,” and she said, “Just go to Walgreens. We have time.” We did the sign in five or 10 minutes,” she shared.

“You don’t have a lot of chances,” she told the newspaper, “that meeting Ahren Plum would do a lot for her.” You don’t have the make-a-wish kind of thing that kids do.

She hopes her positive outlook on life will inspire others who have been through the same situation to continue to make the most of their lives.

“Every day I’m so grateful,” she explained. “The little things don’t bother me and you hug the people you love tight.”

A meeting with Plum this weekend will help Ahren fulfill another dream on her bucket list, watching the Aces play from the floor seats.



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