World of Warcraft mobile game canceled by Blizzard, NetEase.

World of Warcraft mobile game canceled by Blizzard, NetEase.



Activision Blizzard and NetEase have canceled their joint World of Warcraft mobile game following a dispute over financial terms. The undisclosed project, code-named Neptune, was developed in secret for three years and completed before it went awry, the report said. From Bloomberg.

In the year Neptune was intended as a spinoff of the massively multiplayer role-playing game series Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, one of the company’s flagship franchises, released in 2004. A game set in the Warcraft universe but taking place in a “different time period” from the main games. The World of Warcraft series (itself a spinoff of the strategy series Warcraft) is only available on Windows and macOS; The upcoming expansion, “World of Warcraft: Dragonflight,” is slated for release in late 2022.

Canceled projects are common in the industry. Games are always pitched, developed and scrapped in studios. Assets from canceled products are often repurposed for another project. Blizzard’s team-based shooter “Overwatch” was the phoenix that rose from the ashes of Project Titan, which Blizzard quietly shut down in 2013.

But after Neptune’s cancellation, NetEase disbanded the more than 100-member team working on the project, Bloomberg reported. Only a few of those employees have been offered opportunities elsewhere at NetEase.

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China boasts a 660 million mobile game market. But the conflict between NetEase and Blizzard has cast doubt on future cooperation. Hangzhou-based NetEase Internet Technology Corporation has been Blizzard’s partner in China since 2008. Traditionally, the company’s role has been in managing Blizzard games and gaming. (Blizzard’s digital platform and multiplayer service) in China, but the partnership between the two companies evolved into joint development.

Based on Blizzard’s action RPG series Diablo, “Diablo Immortal” mobile game marks the first time NetEase and Blizzard have created a title together. The gaming community responded to “Diablo Immortal”. ReturnIt has created a problem with the game’s monetization process. That didn’t stop “Diablo Immortal” from grossing big. The game was created 49 million dollars In the first month.

Despite the success of “Diablo Immortal,” Activision Blizzard’s quarterly earnings, reported Monday Revenue, revenue and monthly active users, Among other parameters. The company has been under intense scrutiny from regulators, the public and its own employees Allegations of sexual harassment to the Removal of vaccination obligations.



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